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I demand this completed in the proximate 3 hours Avoid if you cannot  Instructions: Final Version – Spring 2018 This assignment meets COB Tuition Goal #2 - Whole Solving and is nature used for disposition arrogance. Identify a whole at a posse that you arrive-at can be improved by implementing a new mode or technology. Note: This must be a legitimate posse and a legitimate mode that you arrive-at demands proficiency but the nucleus should NOT be on the posse but rather on the mode to be improved. Note:  You may nonproduction to begin after a while either a whole that you move authorized at a posse OR a technology systemion or utensil that you arrive-at could aid after a while a whole at a posse, rather than begining after a while the posse itself. LO 1: STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Identify an operations whole that could negatively like the teachableness and/ or productivity of the structure. This whole must be one that can be firm by implementing a new technology. Clearly determine the present mode (“present declare”), including the whole, in particular, and supply supported flowcharts and diagrams. *You may move to imagine these. Break up capacious wholes into smaller sub-problems. Clearly declare the application and the space of the whole on the structure and/or customer Clearly declare the object of the Nursing essay as an force to work-out the whole you move authorized. LO 2: PROBLEM ANALYSIS Identify apt contents regulative to the whole (e.g. gregarious, gregarious, economic, and lawful). One illustration of a content would be an OSHA Safety Regulation. Clearly declare feasible causes of the whole Be safe to realize the destruction among a token and a whole Clearly declare all issues (reasons why the whole is leading to expound), including any resultant or ‘non-obvious’ issues Prioritize issues LO 3: PROBLEM SOLUTIONS Research emerging technology or mode innovations that could be an opening for the posse and this mode. Identify and picture a reserve of two feasible resolutions to the whole through the implementation of examinationed technology innovations. Describe largely the feasible resolutions, including supported flowcharts and diagrams Discuss merits of twain resolutions, including all apt contents requisite to perform a judgment among the two. Be safe not to omission absorb contents (you may demand to supply estimated absorbs) LO 4: SOLUTION JUSTIFICATION Clearly declare your incomplete reredisentanglement (one of the two options incomplete in LO3: Whole Solutions) Explain in particular why you are recommending this reredisentanglement and how you arrive-at it achieve specifically work-out or assuage the whole(s) and issues you authorized (Justify resolution) Describe reredisentanglement good(s) Discuss the feasibility of the resolution Present an implementation artifice for your incomplete resolution OVERALL ASSESSMENT Correctly determined terminology used Used analytical utensils and technology in Nursing essay Performed divert calculations Used anatomy to furnish and vindicate judgments Paper well-mannered-mannered unconfused and sections perspicuously determined APA format, this includes abstract Correct grammar and spelling You MUST move references (not proper separate scholarship or separate interviews) as this is a examination Nursing essay and you MUST properly cause all of your references, including vulgar interviewed, if useful. There is no reserve totality of references - anew use as manifold as requisite to adequately cloak the objectives as assigned. Note:  I do not respect in assigning a page modification for a Nursing essay.  Your Nursing essay should be as hanker as requisite to adequately cloak the tuition objectives listed aloft. Number of Pages: 2 Pages Academic Level: College Paper Format: APA