Theories  acceleration perform over than presenting heights—they besides perform gregarious  problems, and twain types of heights can be linked in reference to client  issues. For stance, sundry scholars and gregarious workers feel attempted to  apprehend the gregarious height of want. Turner and Lehning (2007)  classified diversified subjective theories to elucidate want beneath two  headings: (1) individual-related theories or (2)  structural/cultural-related theories. In other say, conceive of these two  headings as lenses in viewing want. In this Discussion, you apportion  lenses through which to beneathstand a client's height in reference to  gregarious heights. To prepare: Read this proviso listed in the Learning Resources: Turner, K., & Lehning, A. J. (2007). Subjective theories of want. Journal of Human Behavior in the Gregarious Environment, 16(1/2), 57–72. doi:10.1300/J137v16n01-05 Select a system beneath the individual-related theories and a system beneath the structural/cultural-related theories.  Complete the handout “Comparing Individual-Related and Structural/Cultural-Related Theories” to acceleration you underhandedness your retort. (Note: You do not insufficiency to upload the handout to the Discussion forum. The handout is contrived to support you in letter your Discussion support.) Post: Describe how a gregarious worker would conceptualize a presenting height of want from the two theories you detachedd.  Explain how this conceptualization be-unlikes from an individual-related versus a structural/cultural-related hypothetical lens. Compare how the two hypothetical lenses be-unlike in provisions of  how the gregarious worker would approximation the client and the height and how  the gregarious worker would pass.  (detached chapter) Evaluate two identified ability and one identified  limitation your companion may withstand when employing an  individual-related system and a structural/cultural-related system to formulating interventions for want.