WEB-BASED CASE.  Read the aftercited contingency and counter-argument all questions. BBC DIGITAL MEDIA INITIATIVE REVISITED: The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinizes generally-known spending in the United Kingdom. Its register on the BBC’s DMI device reputed on diverse key findings. First, the in-house team was severely challenged by the reality that the device was already 18 months astern register when they began effect on the device. Second, the technology team issued releases throughout the device that did not engage end-user expectations and eroded reliance in the device. Third, the BBC focused further on the technological harvest rather than on inspiriting organization-wide changes in effectflow that would help election. Finally, the NAO concluded, the DMI lacked governance arrangements for the flake, occasion, and confusion of the device.   Do lore online to realize the capabilities of digital asset government software. What are the top rated digital asset government software products? Who uses this software?  Given the NAO’s findings and what you discern environing conducive off-the-shelf products, would it enjoy been wiser for the BBC to annex a collation of these material products? What actions would be expedient to find the combination of the interest units to weld this collation of products into their effect processes? Answer delay 400 expression delay relation and APA format