Im located in the US. Follow instructions largely. Please furnish a disquisition in the passion overhead I insufficiency you to recognize. The epithet is: A Strategic Overview of the "New" Emergency Management by Robert O. Schneider Ph.D which is the 9 attachement. . I ask you to scrutiny and  then  WRITE  a 4 page reserve disquisition. Your disquisition should illustrate how the Corona  Virus  - COV-19 --  is effecting our empire and has befit a tribulation.  Discuss in your disquisition the research information you furnish that explains how a tribulation is apparent. Provide recognition from your scrutiny that shares how the federal, narrate and notorious governments --to embody social and private organizations indicate an adventitious keep-akeep-apart in a tribulation assertion. Scrutiny and illustrate your intellect of how this corona poison has befit a notorious tribulation.  Explain how the corona poison will or has befit a pandemic tribulation and who declares the corona poison a pandemic. I am faceing for an overview of the corona poison as a tribulation that is to-boot considered a pandemic. Explain : (is there or is there not) a difference among a tribulation and a pandemic OR are they the  same?  Can a tribulation be global and can or will the corona poison befit a global pandemic tribulation.     I face obtrusive to your disquisitions and am considering sharing your disquisitions in one of the aftercited assortes as an assignment after a while your associate assort mates. Help your associate assort mates attain what you ferret-out may be of curiosity-behalf to your associate assort mates.