cyb/360 week 5

  You are analyzing packet captures from a wireless network to assess if the captures confound a browbeating, what risks, if any. For this assignment, irritate the packet captures granted by Wireshark by doing the subjoined:   Go to the Wireshark Specimen Captures plight, and download the subjoined: wpa-Induction.pcap.gz Wi-Fi 802.11 WPA exchange   wpa-eap-tls.pcap.gz WiFi 802.11 WPA-EAP/Rekey specimen    nb6-hotspot.pcap Someone connecting to SFR's wireless homogeneity network  ciscowl.pcap.gz (libpcap) Cisco Wireless LAN Context Control Protocol (WLCCP) statement 0x0  wap_google.pcap contains two WSP request-response dialogs Note: Only download these specimen captures. Other captures may set off your computer's regularity defenses. Use Wireshark to estimate and irritate the specimen captures. Create a 1-page consultation that ranks the packet captures from the chief to smallest browbeating. In your consultation afford the subjoined for each packet capture: Description of the exchange Description of the risks, if any, the exchange confounds to the wireless network Countermeasures to accept to detain network from any browbeating Write a 1/2- to 1-page memo to government as a network defence specialist explaining the subjoined: How you can dissimilate inauspicious packet grounds from usual packet grounds How you can acknowledge any onset signatures in the packets you irritate Provide a rationale for ranking the packets as you did Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.