Digital Bangladesh: Prospect or Mere Dream

The Probforce of Digital Bangladesh behind a while regard to Counsel Submitted To Md. Saiful Islam Associate Professor Chairman, Department of Management Islamic University, Kushtia Submitted by Md. Toufiqur Rahman BBA (hon’s) 8th Semester Roll Number: 0405002 Session: 2004-2005 Department of Management Islamic University, Kushtia Date of Submission Ttalented of Contents Chapter| Title| page| 1| Digital Part-unordered 1. 1 Meaning of Digital Part-unordered 1. Digital Part-unordered in Bangladesh : A Global Comparison| | 2| Probforce of Digital Bangladesh 2021 behind a while regard to Education2. 1 Meaning of Digital Bangladesh2. 2 Digital Bangladesh in Education| | 3| References | |Chapter 1 Digital Part-unordered 1. 1 Meaning of Digital Part-unordered This digital cast has created a disgcareer new economic sector that merely did not exist antecedently. Computers, new teledespatch and the Internet all convert despatch costs and destroy down geographical borders. In the plain nations legislation policies are substance customary which attempts o secure that all citizens allure get opening to path the effectual use of ICTs in adjust to empower them to share in the counselal, collective and economic activities and popular regularity. Plain countries are getting abundant profit from the procession of ICT. So, there is a digital dissect-unordered betwixt plain and enlargeing countries. The concept of the digital dissect-unordered has been used to highlight dissimilitude in electronic path to counsel inveterate on economic, career, ethnic or collective collocation and/or geographical location.The expression digital dissect-unordered has been applied to the gap that exists in most countries betwixt those behind a while cheerful path to the tools of Counsel and Despatch Technologies (ICTs), and those behind a whileout such path or skills. It is “a gap, which tends to coagulate, is performed betwixt those beings that can path new counsel and despatch tools such as phones, TV sets or the Internet, and those who are too penniless to get them betwixt the entertain’s and the entertain nots” (de Munster, 2004).People living in plain countries entertain the best path to the fastest computers, best telephone services, competitive Internet Service Providers, and a lucre of pleased and luxuriance pertinent to their lives. On the other workman, vilealty living in enlargeing countries entertain scant path or no path at all to these technologies. The collocation “entertain nots” as-well don’t entertain the further force to use ICTs and equtalented they don’t apprehend that technology can produce their morals easier. The genuine gap betwixt these two collocations of vilealty is designated the “digital dissect-among” (Giri, 2002). Digital dissect-unordered as-well refers to a “perceived disparity in path to, arrangement, and use of counsel technology betwixt two or further populations” (www. Bridges. org). The digital dissect-unordered – the gap betwixt those who entertain path and the force to use ICT, and those who do not – sediment colossal path. (Legard, 2001): For in 1. The whole Internet bandwidth in Africa is similar to that in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. 2. The whole Internet bandwidth in all of Latin America is similar to that in Seoul, South Korea. 3. In the United States, 54. 3 percent of citizens use the Internet, compared to a global middle of 6. 7 percent.In the Indian subcontinent, the correlation is 0. 4 percent. 1. 2 Digital Part-unordered in Bangladesh: A Global Comparison The ICT status of Bangladesh is not distinguished behind a whileout some liberal initiatives by the Legislation and by not-public entrepreneurs. Computer use in Bangladesh started behind a while a mainframe computer in 1964. The Internet came in Bangladesh in 1993 and IP connectivity in 1996. In April 2000, the Legislation behind a whiledraws taxes on VSAT behind that, the use of Internet scenario of the empire has been changing speedily. Presently, there are approximately 266 ISPs serving for accountholders-inveterate connectivity behind a while further than 500,000 users.The Ministry of Science and Counsel and Despatch Technology current the social ICT regularity in 2002. South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe (SEA-ME-WE-4) is a submarine ctalented consortium connecting 14 counties at 16 landing posts. Bangladesh joined the consortium and authorized a MoU on 4 September 2002 at Bali in Indonesia, and then authorized the Construction and Maintenance Agreement in 2004 in Dubai. Behind indecent years of confederacy the consortium, on 21 May 2006, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh inaugurated this submarine ctalented connecting behind a while Bangladesh.The whole prolixity of the ctalented is 22,000 km (approx. ), where the Bangladesh landing post is 1,260 km detached from the Cox’s Bazar seashore. Despite all these the digital dissect-unordered in Bangladesh is abundant bigger than other countries in the cosmos-people. Some Statistical grounds discover that the empire is dissect-amongd in two collocations approximately 99. 8% and 0. 2 % from which the cessation is digitally instructd. A global comparison is shown on the proximate page to ascertain out the collocation of Bangladesh. References Bridges. org. Spanning the digital dissect-among: discernment and tackling the issues. www. bridges. org/pning e Munster, IL (2004). The digital dissect-unordered in Latin America: a event con-over. 70th IFLA General Meeting and Council.Buenos Aires, Argentina, 22-27 August 2004. Giri, J (2002). Digital Divide. Paper offered at ICT and harvest for computer conjunction of Nepal IT meeting, January 26-27, 2002 in Kathmandu. (www. interdependence. org/resources/itpoverty. htm) Cosmos-crowd Bank (2005). Cosmos-crowd harvest indicators 2005. Washington, DC: Cosmos-crowd Bank Cosmos-crowd Bank (2006). Cosmos-crowd harvest indicators 2006. Washington, DC: Cosmos-crowd Bank Chapter 2 Probforce of Digital Bangladesh 2021 2. 1 Meaning of Digital Bangladesh Digital Bangladesh" is currently the most invariably used say in politics, media, unordered the intellectuals and the courteous societies. Since our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in her dissecty's sselection ordinance pledged to enlarge a digital Bangladesh by 2021, it has ardent a august confidence to the citizens of Bangladesh.Let us now discuss the buzzterm digital Bangladesh. What does it genuinely average? Moving towards digital Bangladesh does not hint that the modish girlish collocations of the empire allure be further rough consumers of high-tech devices relish computers, digital cameras, ultimate pattern sensitive sets or camcorders etc. ased on high-speed Internet inframake and elevate the dejuice amelioration. Rather discarding this smattering idea, we deficiency to meditate the expression ‘digital Bangladesh’ objectively. Broadly symbolical, a digital intercourse secures an ICT driven apprehendledge-inveterate intercourse where counsel allure be precedentlyhand profittalented on direction and where all likely tasks of the legislation, semi-legislation and as-well not-public spheres allure be regularityed using the narrate of the art technology.So, a digital Bangladesh must pledge fruitful and effectual use of new ICT in all spheres of the intercourse behind a while a inspection to proveing amitalented governance. In other term, making Bangladesh a digital one, we entertain to prove technology driven e-governance, e-commerce, e-production, e-agriculture, e-health etc. in the intercourse emphasizing the overall harvest of the vile vilealty, the greater stakeholders of the empire. In the opportunity of ICT, our simply august luck lies in Sensitive teledespatch which has brought an quick fluctuate in teledespatch scenario of the empire.However, in the other spheres of ICT, our luck is very unimportant and we are calm?} far detached from transforming ourselves into a apprehendledge-inveterate intercourse. Building robust ICT inframake is the pre-requisite for making Bangladesh a digital one. For this, we deficiency to centre on the counsel regularity earliest, consequently the possibility of digital Bangladesh can simply be increased when we allure be talented to instruct our proximate origination behind a while the shameful of ICT. Offer ICT Profile of Bangladesh on the cause of Asia-Pacific Harvest Counsel Program is shown on the proximate page. 2. Digital Bangladesh in Counsel Digital Bangladesh in counsel can be visualized when the counsel regularity allure be totally contingent to the digital regularitys. Currently the empire’s counsel regularity is no way neighboring to the digital regularitys.The imparters grant their lectures using transmitted books and ebon boards. The students are going to their relative institutions, hearing lectures, cramming antecedently trial, certain in the trial and getting degrees. In gentleman meaning counsel regularity in Bangladesh allure be digital if we can consummate the followings by the year 2021. ) Leading Counsel Level: All the students in the leading roll should entertain a basic apprehendledge of ICT by the whole of their leading roll counsel. b) Subordinate Counsel Level: Students should perform technical aspects of the hypothetical apprehendledge they bring-about. c) Tertiary Counsel Level: Students should try to ascertain out the ways to use ICT in their relative opportunity of con-over and enlarge themselves.d) Lecturing System: Teachers should be using computers and the Internet to imdissect their students in the most suitable way and behind a while the ultimate counsel. ) Exams and Results: The students allure answer in exams ondirection and the results allure be published behind a whilein seconds behind the end of the exams. f) 2. 3 Offer Scenario of Digital Counsel in Bangladesh At offer there is no make for digital counsel in Bangladesh in the leading, subordinate and loftier subordinate roll of counsel. Students do not entertain amend ideas environing the amend use of counsel and despatch technology and bring-abouting digital apprehendledge. At the university roll the simply a dissect of students are bring-abouting digital counsel formally.