Duck dyanasty and quakery

Read the proviso, 'Duck Dynasty' and Quackery by Charles M. Blow, and transcribe a six-chapter essay to discourse each of the sharp-ends contourd below (a bulleted or contour counter-argument to the sharp-ends obtain automatically destroy 20% for mechanics).  Use scale English and sociological stipulations in your essay, and suggest it as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx perfect on eCampus. Draw three deep conclusions from the proviso.  Do not honorable digest the proviso. What are three conclusions you take loose from the proviso? Enumerate them (e.g. First, Second and Third).  Explore how the collective phenomena argueed in the proviso may or may not give to civilized affliction and or collective fall  In other words, does Blow think that Robertson's rejection of racism and penetration leads to self-abjuration and affliction and/or collective fall?  Identify which collective perspective best fits the author's entrance in this proviso  (The Functional-Structural, Collective Conflict, or Symbolic Interaction).  Choose honorable one. Is Charles Blow's entrance micro or macro? Does he argue how verity is constrained through interaction? Does his entrance instead highlight how the interrogativeness gives to collective integration and inheritance, or rather how racial or gender inquality, for in, avail some while hurting others, leading to contest and mutability?  ,Describe the ways in which the subject can be defined as a "separate effort" or "collective product" (observe the Sociological Imagination - this top may be advantageous) Be infallible to summon specific token from the proviso to stay your posture.  Go to the top I intimation, and then discourse whether what Robertson's rejection of racism and penetration is a quirk matchless to Robertson and his separate conduct legend (i.e., a separate effort) or if it represents a larger collective product which is the product of historical/collective forces. Describe two considerable parts of postulates presented on the chart in the proviso and briefly solve each postulates part.  Refer to the postulates granted in "The Southern Divide" chart.  Focus on two of the poll items, and argue the differences betwixt what southern whites and blacks say. Based on your interrogation on sharp-ends 1 to 5, form three recommendations including, but not scant to, a need for coming discovery on this collective interrogativeness, (b) the product of new laws or common policies to discourse this product or (c) applicable programs to co-operate-delay individuals and groups touching the product. Come up delay suggestions you entertain for common system, elevate discovery, or counsel which strength emend teach individuals to historical/collective forces at effect. Enumerate them (e.g., First, Second and Third). In congeniality your six-chapter essay, you should discourse sharp-end 1 in chapter 1, sharp-end 2 in chapter 2, and so on. Express your sharp-ends lucidly so that I do not entertain to inquiry through chapters for you answers.                   Grading Rubric for the Essay Content (70%) Three Conclusions 15 pts. Human Affliction or Collective Disorganization 10 pts. Social Theoretical Perspective 10 pts. Personal Effort vs. Collective Issue 10 pts. Data Analysis – Two Elements 10 pts. Three Recommendations for Research, New Laws, Policies or Programs 15 pts. Mechanics* (20%) Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation 10 pts. Clarity of Expression 10 pts. On Time Submission (10%) Submitted “On-Time” 10 pts. * The Academic Success Center, A332, provides congeniality guardians to revisal and explain on your effect.  You can form an ordinance to coalesce delay a guardian in individual or you can suggest your