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Assignment 2: Harley-Davidson: Exterior and Internal AnalysisHarley-Davidson: Duty Overview for New Planning Team Members Instructions for this assignment: Perform all of the elements listed underneath.This assignment has you perfect two volume of a strategic duty pur-pose. To see how those volume fit into a bountiful duty pur-pose, click close for a strategic duty pur-pose sketch.Part I – Resolution of the Exterior EnvironmentAs part-among-among of the Strategic Duty Plan, you feel been asked to:Identify and stir the elder driving forces for alter in the exterior environment of the motorcycle diligence.Analyze the dynamics of rivalry using Porter's Five Forces Model of Competition. Correctly assess the dynamics of rivalry.Provide at meanest three statistics about the largeness of the motorcycle diligence such as proceeds, enlargement rebuke, reckon of units sold by manufacturer/country, etc.Summarize the strategic issues firms in this diligence countenance and test their biggest intimidations.This minority should be titled "The Resolution of H-D's Exterior Environment."Part II – Internal Environment AnalysisFinancialGather the financial instruction certain to do a perfect agreement resolution and the Balance Score Card (BSC) key metrics instruction.If you were going to beget a BSC, what would be the key metrics you would estimate in each of the four BSC areas:FinancialCustomerInternal Duty ProcessLearning and GrowthPerform a agreement resolution using H-D's five-year financial achievement. Interpret the purport of the agreements and financial achievement.This minority should be titled "The Resolution of H-D's Current Strategy: Two Views." Be positive to apprehend the agreement resolution. You may to-boot apprehend other graphics to influence your truth.CompetitorsBased on your resolution, you must run which two competitors introduce the biggest competitive intimidation to H-D.Perform a financial agreement resolution for the competitors succeeding looking at trends in financial achievement aggravate five years, and parallel the trends to diligence averages.Be positive you feel a unclouded ranking of the industries' competitors.This minority should be titled "Competitor Analysis." Be positive to apprehend the financial agreement resolution. You may to-boot apprehend other graphics to influence your truth. This assignment should be 4 to 8 pages in diffusiveness.Submit your Word muniment to the Submissions Area by the due end assigned.