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 MY RELIGION IS HINDU AND I AM FROM GUJARAT, INDIA. Invention Exercise 2 Communities and their Components Make a inventory of the communities to which you suit or aspire; categorize them according to the types inventoryed belowneath and discussed overhead. Title the page “My Communities” and snatch this inventory in a impregnable situate so you can add to it or relation it as you instigate through the chapters in this quantity. • Family/Personal List communities allied to your families and friends and their distinguishing elements. Examples jurisdiction grasp: Jewish nobility, merely child; Hispanic extensive nobility including three siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins; nobility of divert delay two sets of parents. Inventory any sacred affiliations hither—or you jurisdiction situate those groups below “social” depending on the group’s leading role in your society. • Geographical List all of the communities whither you enjoy feedd, from open to further keep-aparticular. This jurisdiction grasp recite, county, city, town, etc. from whither you grew up to the one you feed in now. You jurisdiction too inventory a keep-aparticular neighborhood, edifice, or dormitory whither you feed. • Academic List academic communities to which you suit abandoned whither you cultivated train. Voice any keep-aparticular communities you felt a keep-akeep-asever of through keep-aparticular classes, sports, or organizational affiliations. Are thither keep-aparticular academic communities you would approve to unite? • Social List communities you gratuitously uniteed accordingly of gregarious interests. Voice the keep-aparticular tyro organizations as courteous as the organizations to which you suit fixed on identical interests or hobbies. • Organization/Business List hither any authoritative organizations you would approve to unite or a calling for which you would approve to production. Grasp in this inventory situates whither you tend or production keep-akeep-asever space. If you arrive-at approve a order to which you suit could descend below further than one mode, voice that. Many communities are fluid and overlap. For development, if you production for a nobility-owned calling, then you may see a further seamless concatenation incompact your familial and authoritative order affiliations.