Faith Integration Assignment

INTEGRATION OF FAITH AND LEARNING PAPER INSTRUCTIONS 1) Review the Thompson passage and use your instruction of strategy/policy and your Christian worldview. 2) Search the Bible (either the Old or New Testament) for a Bible course(s) that would influence you in sympathetic the Ethical/Social Issues interrogation (questions are located in another solid muniment). 3) In a reserve of 1,000 articulation, sift-canvass this Bible course and your Christian worldview as they tell to the Ethical/Social Issues interrogations.  A suggested format for this assignment is as follows in APA Format: a. First exception: Sift-canvass the answers to the Ethical/Social Issues interrogation (from a strategy/policy perspective). Questions are located in another solid muniment, corresponding as interrogation 2. **NOTE: There are a whole of 5 interrogations and each interrogation has an solid muniment that corresponds to back you in sympathetic the interrogation** b. Second exception: State your Bible course and then sift-canvass the course(s). To justly discourse this exception, it earn demand orthodox examination to put your course(s) into conpassage for the direct exception. c. Third paragraph: Discuss/analyze the concern of the Bible course in discourseing the interrogation from a Christian worldview perspective.