Fas 110

 Director  Your job is to transcribe a frequentedor’s concept for Water by the Spoonful addressing the subjoined questions:  What themes are offer in Water by the Spoonful? How do you intent to highlight those themes?   What is the mood/atmosphere of this distributey? How do you intent to beget that mood/atmosphere?   What artifacts in the characters’ lives faculty be distribute of the visible environment? In what ways is the environment personalized?  Is one character’s apex of survey past significant than another’s in determining the details of the visible environment? Does someone look to own or frequented the intervenience?   What are the basic actions of the characters in the resemble?  What are the needful entrances and exits and the visible actions that the extent intervenience must compose and subsistence?  What avail achieve you concede to the online portions of the resemble? How achieve you frequented your designers to housings the online cosmos-people of the resemble?  The paper must be:  Double-spaced  In 12-apex font  Between 500 and 1000 words