Julia Technologies Case Study

Julia Technologies is a union that sells and molding technologies to other companies or any other customers. Julia technologies get technologies love computers, laptops, fickle phones, TV, printers and ample advance. Julia technologies agoing in 2009 it has diverse branches balance the UAE .There are almost 200 employees to labor in this technology shops delay unanalogous job positions such as the CEO , the hawker and the send-off in this union there are as-well-behaved unanalogous departments love the finance, HR , sales dept. The quantitys that union Faced After evaluating and analyzing the union exploit we root sundry quantitys that they faced respecting the sales, marketing and practices automation. The sales dept. possess conducted a sales recital to evaluate it and they possess root out there is a churn of customers buying from their union which it's not steady pristine there was an acception of sales and in few moths it dropped so this was a quantity that we faced owing there were not ample of sales going on. The other manifestation that linked to sales was the marketing we didn't effect lots of notice for our union so not sundry race knew us. The touch among the customers and our union wasn't very cogent so when customers possess any concerns or troubles they couldn't furnish us to touch us owing we don't possess a succor disk or smooth customer practice so this let us down. So we lack to appliance a CRM to succor us balancesucceed our quantitys and befit a amend technology union. The end of CRM utensil CRM (Customer interdependence skillful-treatment) is a strategic vestibule, which is used for the adequate drawingning, powerful and attempt of all interactive processes delay customers. CRM covers the well-behaved-behaved union and the unimpaired customer history cycle and contains the Database Marketing and similar CRM software as a skillful-treatment utensil. CRM has sundry practices love it acception the customer remuneration and invite new customers it as-well-behaved acception the gain, boost employee consequenceivity so if we appliance the CRM it conciliate practice us the most. SAP is a utensil that can be used for the CRM. SAP CRM is the CRM utensil given by SAP and is used for sundry a profession proceeding. As a deal-out of SAP Profession Suite, SAP gets solutions which patronage applications, axiomsbases, hardware platforms, ; uncounted rules from most of the ocean sellers. SAP has sundry features for issue it patronages the sales, marketing and practice areas it as-well-behaved suits to contrive customer interdependence and it is applianceed for unanalogous customer's interaction. The CRM that we are going to use has unanalogous types which are the strategic, agencyal, collaborative and analytical but it our union we are going to rendezvous on the agency and strategic. Agency conciliate be using allure courage so the customer conciliate not possess to succeed to the union to ask he can allure so it befits constant and quiet. Strategic conciliate automate the consequence, consequenceion and sales. How covet they possess been applianceing CRM utensil? And the discord that effects in the exploit of the profession After oppositeness difficulties we applianceed the CRM utensil and it took us 11 months to appliance owing we had a drawing to labor on we disjoined the products on applianceing CRM owing each employee that is cognate to the applianceing CRM they conciliate propel the product and each product conciliate had a initiate and end era so the entirety term was 11 months. What we noticed was a big discord in the exploit of the profession when we applianceed the CRM the pristine romance was the labor we did in the profession was manually all the customer notice was receiven manually by brochure and then receive it to the archive and uninterruptedly we lack to get a deal-outicular customer notice we had to observe for it and this took lots of spell ultimately when we applianceed the CRM utensil which is sap we contrived to sell those axioms in the rule and uninterruptedly we lacked to get the notice it took us less than minutes to get what we lack .this made us do the labor constant and it was easier to penetrate the axioms now and it as-well-behaved acceptiond the exploit of the employee The Steps to appliance CRM We conciliate appliance and raise the CRM contrivance for tracking and criticise all of the interactions you possess delay your customers and anticipations. The CRM software is utensil that rendezvouses, simplifies and secures our customer promise. The Profession lacks CRM to effect it causative and acception enrichment for each employee and they conciliate observe for competitive practice in a multi-channel customer environment. To raise the CRM contrivance there are some tramps, the pristine tramp is to substantiate stakeholders, Stakeholders involve any verge that conciliate be improbable by the gathering of CRM main skillful-treatment, users of any new rule, marketing staff, salespeople, IT specialists and customers. Also, the remedy tramp is to organize governance structures so this is the organizement of a precise or inprecise organizational rule for contrivance skillful-treatment and decision-making. The third tramp is to substantiate vary skillful-treatment lacks so the prosperous vary skillful-treatment programs graft a see arrive-at vary vestibule. To form vary it is scarcityful to get race to arrive-at so emotionally affianced that they lack to vary and get race to see the lack for vary. In importation, the fourth tramp is to substantiate contrivance skillful-treatment lacks so explain the tramps of the bound from aspect dissection to the prosperity of CRM expectation, goals and objectives by some utensils love Gantt charts or Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT). Substantiate the delicate prosperity factors is the fifth tramp, so CSF's are variables that can significantly impression profession outcomes and are considered as the indispensable areas of soul that must be done well-behaved-behaved if we are lack to end the objectives of your profession or contrivance. Moreover, from during this CSF it can customer notice skillful-treatment, effect marketing automation and should main skillful-treatment commitment. The sixth and ultimate tramp is to disclose lavish skillful-treatment drawing so there can be sundry anticipation causes of insufficiency, and which class from irrelevant contrivance skillful-treatment to opposition of end-users to the gathering of new technologies. In this tramp, we conciliate be trying to substantiate the lavishs to achieving required results. The union's feedback Company contrivers possess conducted a questionnaire and consultation for the employees that they possess been using the CRM the contrivers lacked some feedback from the employees to comprehend encircling the CRM and if it was succoring the employees or they were oppositeness some manifestations. This conciliate succor the contrivers to emend advance advance on the use of the CRM applianceation. "The union exploit possess acceptiond a lot when we applianceed the CRM (Ali Ahmed) "It made us to the labor constant and it acceptiond the attempt of the employees" (Maddie John) "We conciliate try to appliance another types and utensils to emend the union and acception its exploit a lot advance (Mohammed Hamad) Conclusion To infer our union root sundry quantitys in marketing practice and sales. So we applianceed CRM it made a big emendment on the exploit of the employees and it saved the spell and attempt of the employees it made the labor adequate fast. We as-well-behaved formd tramps on how to appliance the CRM. At the end we unmoved some feedback from unanalogous employees to see if they are satisfied delay the new CRM rule or if they are don't furnish it very succorful so the contrivers can emend it in the forthcoming. References reasons why your profession lack crm. (2015, june 24). 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