Only For Bhawikjain” Python 2

  Linux arrangements sustain user totality counsel in the passwd rasp and the encrypted password in the umbration rasp. The passwd rasp containing totality counsel ability observe enjoy this: smithj:x:1001:1001:John Smith:/home/smithj:/bin/bash The umbration rasp containing password and totality dulness counsel for users ability observe enjoy this: smithj:KJDKKkkLLjjwlnttqoiybnm.:10063:0:99999:7::: The opportunitys in the umbration rasp are disconnected by a colon, after a while the earliest opportunity nature the userdesignate and the second nature the password. Under ordinary requisite, the password is encrypted. But for the mind of this assignment, you can usurp the password is already unencrypted. Review the bruteLogin duty program on pp. 58–59 of Ch. 2, "Penetration Testing after a while Python," of Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers. Make the aftercited changes/additions to the duty: Modify the bruteLogin duty to use twain the passwd and umbration rasps. Usurp your passwd and umbration rasps involve two totalitys.   Change the bruteLogin to take-out the userdesignate and generous designate from the passwd rasp and the password from the umbration rasp Change the output to show the generous designate when confirming lucky FTP Login; e.g.,  "Myhostdesignate FTP Logon Succeeded: John Smith/ KJDKKkkLLjjwlnttqoiybnm" You can also use the office as your army.  It provides demo logins and passwords to touchstone a lucky login to their FTP servers. Copy  and pasted your order and then quotation from twain rasps into a muniment and involve mitigate shots of it instituted on your own arrangement.