Power point Presentation for Capstone course (IT course)

Topic-   E-commerce   Below  are the details of the format of the offer:   The plan offer should demonstrate cognizance in the selected area. The offer should be formatted as follows: 1)12-point font using Times New Roman 2)Use APA title truly throughout the offer 3)Use redress expression and punctuation 4)Format truly and consistently Include a overspread slide, insertion slide at the foundation of the offer and a misentry slide at the end of the offer, and a allusion slide using APA format at the end of the offer. Number all slides foundation after a while the overspread slide as page 1 Utilize 10 allusions from conversant commencements…do NOT use Wikipedia (one commencement can be the textbook) Cite allusions after a whilein the offer using redress APA format Include a restriction of 16 slides which obtain understand the overspread and allusion slides Include at last one aspect or one table in the offer and format in APA title Highlight your cognizance of technology by including transition and buoyancy