Directions: Please read the robust muniment titled "CBS News Poll on Moral Illness Stigma.PDF".  Using MS Term transcribe a 250 to 350 term essay answering the subjoined questions.  Use Basic APA format: 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font- bulk 12, Double distance exhaustive Nursing essay including allusion page. Paragraph 1 Directions - In at smallest 4 exhaustive sentences utter if you were you surprised by the results. Why or why not? Paragraph 2 Directions - In at smallest 3 exhaustive sentences utter what you root that was the most prodigious results of the examine?  Paragraph 3 Directions - If you or someone you cherished needed moral soundness custody how opposed do you judge it would be to procure acceleration? (Make trusting to critique the advice root on pages 3 - 4. Paragraph 4 Directions - If you or or a cherished one needed contiguous moral soundness, what are the top three locations in your contiguous sympathy that you would transform to for acceleration?  Make trusting that you also include the hours of performance, phone sum(s), and location of each of these three media.  Paragraph 5 Directions - Finally transcribe a insignificant paragraph (5 to 7 exhaustive sentences) that explains what you can personally do to acceleration those in your topical sympathy behove over convenient talking environing Moral Soundness Issues. Once you entertain exhaustived the assignment mind to upload your exhaustived muniment to this dropbox. Your muniment MUST be in the MS Term format in ordain for your Instructor to be efficacious to known and grade it. CBS News Poll on Moral Illness Stigma.pdf