SABSA Model or U.S. Compliance Laws and Regulations

   CIS 519 – Week 3 Project Complete the subjoined assignments for week 3. Please embody your call, class enumerate, and assignment enumerate on your disquisition. Follow APA formatting standards, distinctly for citations and references. Week 3 Assignment 1: SABSA Model Learning Objectives and Outcomes § Explain the SABSA Standard as it relates to IT strategic planning. § You gain demonstrate indelicate IT warranty controls for a consecrated scenario. Assignment § The Warranty Strategy bulk discusses the Sherwood Applied Calling Warranty Architecture (SABSA) standard on page 65 when it discoursees calling drivers. § Exploration at last two subjoined sources of the SABSA standard. § Provide a 2-3 page disquisition explaining the standard. Embody at last one illustration, diagram, or chart explaining it. You should discourse how it identifiers calling drivers. Week 3 Assignment 2: U.S. Compliance Laws and Regulations Learning Objectives and Outcomes § Describe one of the laws impressioning IT Strategy and Policy. Assignment § Stipulation 3 of the Warranty Cunning textbulk discusses contrariant laws connected to IT Strategy and Policy.  § Pick one of the laws, governments, or standards mentioned in the stipulation and pass subjoined exploration on it.  § Provide a 1-2 page disquisition explaining the law or government. You should discourse the subjoined: o What are the key concepts contained in the law / government? o How does it impression an structure and its IT infrastructure? o What cunning, technical or procedural controls does the law / government demand? o Why those drivers are main for the calling?  o How those drivers utility the structure and acceleration it unite its goals?  You may attribute twain assignments in a one instrument.  Your congeniality must be administrative after a while just notice to formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.     ,