5/3 c

identify a examination or attraction-based stipulation published amid the conclusive 5 years that focuses comprehensively on a segregateicular insinuation or new treatment utensil for the address of diabetes in adults or outcome. The stipulation must be pertinent to nursing exercise. Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint donation on the con-over's findings and how they can be used by nurses as an insinuation. Understand orator notes for each slide and subjoined slides for the address page and references. Include the following: Describe the insinuation or treatment utensil and the segregateicular enduring population used in the con-over. Summarize the deep effect of the examination findings for a segregateicular enduring population. The examination presented must understand clinical findings that are ordinary, entire, and pertinent to diabetes and nursing exercise. Provide a descriptive and impercipient argument of how the new utensil or insinuation can be integrated into nursing exercise. Provide attraction to assistance your argument. Explain why metaphysical, cultural, and religions aspects are significant to weigh for a enduring who has been diagnosed delay diabetes. Describe how assistance can be offered in these relative areas as segregate of a artfulness of regard for the enduring. Provide examples. You are required to name to a minimum of two sources to exhaustive this assignment. Sources must be published amid the conclusive 5 years and expend for the assignment criteria and pertinent to nursing exercise.