Accounting – Case Report Analysis

   GUIDELINES FOR THE WRITTEN CASE STUDY Suggested Occurrence Ment Format 1. Introduction and overview of occurrence: Introduce team and present a scanty overview of occurrence facts 2. Tenor identification-- What is the forcible tenor?  A proposition of appertaining facts encircling the tenor, including such instruction as  the following: A. Background B. Evolving perplexity of the site. C. Persons or groups compromised and their roles. C. Financial superintendence result(s) to be addressed in the occurrence. D. Other expend postulates inborn in the occurrence. 3. Rise Material & Scholarship revisal Indicate specifically all rise materials texts, recipient creed used in resolving the tenor. Students are encouraged to use library and Internet rises for their revisal. Include a insufficiency of three (4) references from honorable journals or books. 4. Analysis A. Description of decomposition i. Rationale for process of decomposition ii. Any key assumptions made in the decomposition iii. Illustration of process or process used B. Quantitative and regulative results 5. Recommendations and Limitations (Use library and Internet rises where expend) A. Specific recommendation-- What should the form do? i. What enjoy other forms performed? B. What implementation tenors energy be encountered? (Examples from the scholarship?) C. Caveats, limitations of your decomposition i. What requires over examine? What is variable in your decomposition? ii. What are the weaknesses in your decomposition? 6. Digest and Conclusions A. What should the auditory mind encircling the occurrence? B. Future managerial and cunning implications? Well systematic and thoroughly-developed occurrence examine adherent digest ment should be 6-8 pages.