UNIT 5: INDIVIDUAL PROJECT Unit: GCM: Clinical Issues and Challenges Deliverable Length: 3-5 pages (barring conceal, contemplative, and intimation pages) Assuming that you own been appointed to a collocation of official in a geriatric concern quickness (e.g., nursing residence, assisted assistance quickness, persistent concern unity, or other), gladden finished the aftercited 2 tasks: Assignment Details Develop a roll of the top 3 challenging offsprings connected to plight address that you force countenance as an official based on the lessons and readings in this conduct. For each offspring, you succeed assess the benefits and drawbacks of at last 2 options to relief each summon from 3 ocean stakeholder perspectives (e.g., enduring, provider, or third-party payer). Be knowing to grasp considerations from juridical, collective, and ghostly perspectives. Include details of each option’s impression on the costs, property, and similarity to heartiness services for the geriatric population served at the long-term concern form authorized for this assignment. Each option’s impression should help a falsification of prioritization (i.e., what would you do earliest, why; assist, why; and so on).                                                                       RESOURCES Dobner, S., Musterd, S., & Droogleever Fortujin, J. (2016). Ageing in place: Experiences of older adults in Amsterdam and Portland. GeoJournal, 81(2), 197-209. Retrieved from From Library Database: ABI Inform Collection Honorato Dos Santos de Carvalho, V. C., Rossato, S. L., Fuchs, F. D., Harzheim, E., & Fuchs, S. C. (2013). Assessment of primitive heartiness concern common by the olden and heartiness connected property of life: A cross-sectional consider. BMC Public Health, 13(1), 605-613. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-605 From Library Database: CINAHL Plus delay Full Text Kerbler, B. (2013). Older herd and the innovative forms of assistance and concern. Anthropology Magazine, 13(2), 73-87. From Library Database SocINDEX delay Full Text Lohne, V., Rehnsfeldt, A., Råholm, M., Lindwall, L., Caspari, S., Sæteren, B., Nåden, D. (2014). Family concerngivers' experiences in nursing residences: Narratives on rational decency and chagrin. Research in Gerontological Nursing, 7(6), 265-72. doi: