Cloud-Based Office Productivity Suite Presentation

  The Vice President of Sales for your community has asked you for more knowledge on cloud-based business-post productivity attendants. He tells you that the Sales team is frequently unconjoined and scarcitys to be telling to come conjoined to the business-post. They scarcity to be telling to end compensation sheets, just memos and sales agreements, create confer-uponations to clients, own way to their email and schedule, and consort parleys unconnectedly. He asks you to confer-upon your productivity attendant advice at contiguous week's team parley. Create a 6- to 10-slide confer-uponation encircling a cloud-based business-post productivity attendant, identifying how each of the aloft scarcitys can be met and the collaborative benefits supposing by the attendant. Your confer-uponation must include: A heading slide (not moderate in the slide number) Appropriate and not-absolute graphics or images Detailed orator notes or recitative audio narration Instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® confer-uponations can be root on the Microsoft® Office® Support residence. A intimation slide citing all resources used in confer-uponation and weighty notes (not moderate in the slide number) Note: Students may use a confer-uponation software of their rare.