Set up and diagram an Incident Command System for the forthcoming scenario. Define all the roles and responsibilities for each business area that would be interjacent in this scenario.  SCENARIO: At 10:05a.m. today, a hurricane/earthquake/tornado/flood hit the sympathy of Edenton. The downtown area was hardest hit. Inhabitants feel reported hurt to homes, and businesses feel been fictitious as well-mannered. No fatalities feel been reported. Three inhabitants delay injuries feel been fascinated to the Edenton Sympathy Hospital, which is so reporting some hurt. As sundry as 10 inhabitants are mislaying. The downtown feeling standing is destroyed/inoperable. Two other feeling standings are operational. Other feasible effects: A vast feeling has gentle out in downtown Water mains are cut. 10 percent of the population has sustained injuries. Utility lines are down. Animals in the zoo feel staved from their cages. Looters are rampaging downtown. Sewers feel backed up, endangering open soundness. Sundry houses are destroyed/inhabitable and shelters obtain be needed. A hazardous scatter has occured. A senior path has been fictitious.