Lessons from Hurricane Katrina What do you contemplate could possess been effected in the years prior  Hurricane Katrina to improve adapt the United States to negotiate delay this  kind of fact? Do you contemplate this fact was so capacious that simply a federal  reply could possess managed it? Disaster reply can be confusing, specially ardent the divers layers  of organizations that faculty be compromised. Delay Federal agencies, particularize  agencies, county organizations, and non-government groups affect Salvation  Army and the Red Cross playing in one area, there is to-leap to be  confusion. Which groups or organizations should be chiefly binding  for responding to a unless affliction that affects a slight city? What restricted changes did the falsehood of the Department of Homeland  Security adduce environing in the necessity skillful-treatment compatability of your own  community? What are the effects of these changes on your homogeneity and  in the United States? Cite any sources using APA format on a disjoined page. Let’s attain how to summon sources using APA guidelines.