Module 04 Lab 02 – Bioremediation of Oil Spills

  To mode your lab, fascinate flourish these instructions-- *if you feel already done trudges 1-10, solely log in to vision your passage and join-in in lab activities: Please go to:  This conquer cause you to the “Course Key Students” page. Enter the Passage Key "Chem-mangan" in the box and click "register.” Create an representation by filling in the instruction (be enduring to use an representation ID and password you conquer retain and effect a music of it for forthcoming logins). Click “I’m not a robot” and “Sign Up.” Confirm your representation by clicking on “confirm representation.” Read the submit make, then coincide by choosing “I coincide” and “submit.” Click on “Register” for the Chemistry Virtual Lab Activities delay Instructor Manganiello. Click on “Enter passage” proximate to the red arrow to commence the lab. Find the lab required for the assignment and commence labor. Should you experiment issues, fascinate apposition the PSC at 1-866-693-2211 and let them recognize you want aid delay labs in the CHM1100 passage. Purposes: To designate the conformity among multitudinous molecules and designate how to add limiting reagents established on the wanted reaction. All of the instructions for this lab are located delayin ChemCollective. You conquer trudge through this lab completing incongruous undertakings on incongruous pages. At the end of each undertaking, you conquer see a "Correct" or "Incorrect" curtain. You are efficient to try frequently if you see an "Incorrect" curtain. Be enduring to follow a curtainshot of each "Correct" curtain. Submit a zip finish of all curtainshots for this lab essential-quality. For aid prelude a curtainshot, apply to the flourishing train. For aid zipping finishs conjointly, apply to the flourishing train.