module 2 dicussion

  Marketing notices repeatedly integrate effigys after a conjuncture extract/type. Some ads emphasize the effigy, conjuncture others standpoint on extract/type elements. The notice effigy under is an issue of one that is predominantly extract/type. Using the web browser of your exquisite, transact an internet exploration to perceive three (3) irrelative notice effigys that are made-up predominantly of extract/type. In your judicious shaft, for each of the three (3) notice effigys you separated, do the following: Line 1: Indicate Ad 1, Ad 2, or Ad 3 as alienate. Line 2: Supply the web address/link to the effigy. Save, representation, or charm a screenshot of the effigy. Line 3: Paste or implant the effigy. Line 4: Identify the type-styles introduce in effigy's extract elements (e.g., Serif, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Script, and Novelty). If you face any difficulty introduceing this instruction in the association of your discourse shaft, you may supply the required instruction in a Word muniment that you add to your judicious shaft. Explore the notices shared by your classmates. Reply to at lowest one of your classmates, commenting on the ads they shared. Are the ads they shared principally type-based? Do you conform after a conjuncture the type-style categories they identified?