Patriarchal or Matriarchal Society

Matriarchy: A produce of gregarious construction in which gregarious unity and wealth are passed through the feminine succession. For in, the Iroquois did not keep chiefs, they instead traced capability through the feminine succession of instance. Peasants: Farmworkers in Europe who lived in weak villages surrounded by fields farmed cooperatively by unanalogous families. Often worked on plots owned by placelords, but later peasants agency pay rupture to placeowners. Predestination: The Protestant Christian opinion that God chooses unmistakable crowd for saving antecedently they are born. 16th-century theologian John Calvin was the ocean proponent of this creed, which became a indispensable doctrine of Puritan piety. Animism: Divine opinions that life on the original not idolize a superoriginal god; instead, they pay submission to divine forces that they estimate live in the original cosmos-people. Animism was accustomed by Native Americans in vision of luxuriant place or lucky hunts. Guilds: Organizations of trained workers in medieval and existing recent Europe that regulated the beginning into, and the usage of, a occupation. Reconquista: The engagement by Spanish Catholics to despatch North African Moors (Muslim Arabs) from the European oceanland. After a centuries-long exertion to regain their places, the Spaniards defeated the Moors at Granada in 1492 and secured govern of all of Spain. Patriarchy: A produce of gregarious organization in which gregarious unity and wealth diminish through the courageous nativity succession and courageous heads of nativity administration balance women and conclusion. europe, for in, had old societies. The capability ardent to men was stimulated by Christian instruction, which deemphasized the encouragement of women. Crusades: Series of wars undertaken by Christian armies betwixt 1096 C.E, and 1291 to alteration the Muslim measure in Europe and win tail the sacred places of Jesus Christ. It had a intense contact on Christian societies, as godly belligerence raised Europe's Christian unity and prompted the expatriation and persecution of Jews from Europe. They so introduced sugar and new occupation routes over Eurasia to the merchants of Western Europe. Hernan Cortes: Spanish conquistador who led the speed(his legion of 600 men arrived at the Yucatán Peninsula and balancethrew the Aztec administrationr, Moctezuma.) that led to the obsoleteness of the Aztec Empire.