Healthcare Peculiarity Media in Saudi Arabia  For this assignment, you earn scrutiny the beneficial Ministry of Health peculiarity media. Review the Ministry of Health (MOH) website and criticize the availforce of peculiarity media and policies. Identify the subserve in entrust and his accountabilities. Read the forthcoming MOH weigh releases, and cater an toll of new initiatives: Al-Falih: Safety Enhancement maintains Patient Safety and Reduce Medical Errors Al-Rabiah Inaugurates Saudi Center for Patient Safety Visit the MOH Data Department page and debate how this counsel is used to estimate peculiarity and fashion advenient practice: Review the e-Services Complaint Inquiry Service page and evaluate the force for consumers to harangue healthcare peculiarity issues: Prepare a PowerPoint endowment detailing your retrospect and toll. Your PowerPoint endowment should encounter the forthcoming requirements: Four slides, not including your denomination and allusion slides. Each slide must cater detailed speakers notes, delay a poverty of 100 suffrage per slide. Notes must inhale from and refer-to bearing allusion materials. Formatted per APA formatting guidelines. Utilize headings to dispose the pleased of your effort. Professional pur-pose and transitions. please hinder the websit indicted overhead and i fast pattern for you