read, analyze, and critique some important element of an online article from the following list

   The assignment is to transcribe a heedful and carelargely reasoned 3 to 5-page wrap spaced subject brochure on one of the undisputed questions registered beneath. Antecedently you appear at the register of questions, tless are some objects I deficiency you to beneathgo in impetus that obtain reform your chances of getting a amiable degree on this assignment.  1. Clarify. Shape infallible you perceive what you're reported to transcribe environing. If you chose "free obtain," don't transcribe environing political immunity. If you chose "single individuality," don't transcribe environing convertibility or identification. Conduct the season to form out precisely what you're reported to be meditateing environing antecedently you set-on-foot meditateing environing it. (If you get your question injustice, you won't get any aims for that brochure.) 2. Flourish Instructions. Once you possess selected a question, you can simply mould honor by doing amiable toil at the objects the responsive for that question reports you to do. If you do notability that the responsive didn't report you to do, you obtain not get any honor for doing that object. If you lavish to do objects that the responsive reports you to do, you obtain lavish aims for that lavishure. 3. Prewrite. If there's one object that's guaranteed to reform your degree on any brochure, it's prewriting. If you've had amiable English schoolmistresss, you obtain possess had sufficiency of order on how to retrieve, frame, dissect and evaluate your own thoughts. If you had debris English schoolmistresss, all I can report you less is that if you conduct the season to retrieve, frame, dissect and evaluate your own thoughts in your own impetus antecedently you set-on-foot communication, you obtain get a abundant rectify degree than you would if you didn't. 4. Self it up! Shape infallible that you say is what you meditate, everyobject that you meditate, and noobject that you don't meditate. what you transcribe should largely and simply aimed your own best single meditateing on this progeny. Don't transcribe what everyone else says, or what you meditate you're reported to say. Transcribe simply objects you meditate. Your convertibility should sparkle through your brochure. Self-expression is rarely risky, but the resource is to be doltish, boring and particularizedly unimpressive. You possess a say. You should use it. 5. Defluff. Don't transcribe anyobject you don't want to transcribe to illustrate, excuse, and shield your subject. If there's notability you simply put into your brochures consequently some English schoolmistress told you it had to be in your brochure (approve an "opening section," or a "conclusion"), don't put that object in your brochure. When you transcribe your brochure, set-on-foot delay your subject, illustrate your subject, excuse your subject, illustrate and annul counter-arguments, and honorable observe going until you've said everyobject you possess to say, and then plug. If you confront yourself deficiencying to say objects that are not unquestionably on question, or to recapitulate objects you've already said, be impetuous, and don't do it. Specific Prompt Your assignment is to discover, dissect, and critique some great atom of an online stipulation from the register forthcoming this bald box This is a Read-Think-Think Over -Write assignment, which instrument that you possess three very great and confused objects to do antecedently you set-on-foot any developed communication. 1. READ: Discover your selected stipulation very, very, very carefully. Get serene in your own impetus at last one of the ocean aims the stipulation is making, and the ocean reasoning the transcriber shapes in prop of that aim. Shape infallible you behove choice of stating that aim and reasoning in your own articulation. 2. THINK: Logically dissect that reasoning, appear for oft spots in the reasoning, and try to end up delay one or over obstructions to that reasoning, or at last toil out what an antagonist of that aim sway possess to say opposite it. This is wless it's great to conduct the season to meditate through all planes of the progeny, and use your ingenuity to meditate environing what aims an antagonist sway shape opposite the aim made by the transcriber. (If the transcriber covers twain planes, getting opposite reasonings obtain be easier.) 3. RETHINK. Once you possess at last one reasoning on each plane serenely in impetus, THEN sit tail and meditate environing which plane has the closely rectify reasonings. Does the transcriber's reasoning closely exist up to the animadversion? Or does the obstruction developedly baffle the transcriber's reasonings? Figuring this all out should conduct up a amiable chunk of your season departed on this assignment, and you are required to flow inveterate on your best mind of the logic and averment, and not scarcely on your feelings. Again, this assignment is not environing your feelings, so don't honorable glean the plane you supervene to "think" is right, glean the plane that is proped by the reasoning that doesn't lavish beneath close segregation. One way to do close segregation is to do the forthcoming: 1. Transcribe out a register of applicable reasonings serenely in your own articulation. 2. Examine each reasoning to particularize whether it commits a close sophistry. 3. If an reasoning commits a close sophistry, ill-conditioned it out. 4. Examine each fostering reasoning to see whether it has some other close oftness. 5. If an reasoning has a calamitous close oftness, ill-conditioned it out. 6. If there's over than one opposite reasoning left, ill-conditioned out the closely oftest reasonings until there's honorable one left. If you flourish this progress, you should be left delay the impetuousest reasoning  3. WRITE: Do the forthcoming actions in order: 1. Conduct the misentry of the one reasoning that didn't possess any close oftness, and transcribe that out as your subject. (This is the distinction of your brochure.)  2. Transcribe out in your own articulation the reasoning for your subject. (This would be the reasoning that austere out not to possess a close oftness.) 3. Conduct the best reasoning opposite your subject, illustrate it in your own articulation, and then illustrate serenely and precisely what is injustice delay that one reasoning. 4. Shape any other comments you supervene to meditate of. Don't transcribe a "conclusion" or "concluding section," and don't recapitulate anyobject you've said antecedently. Instead, transcribe out any other thoughts you sway possess environing this question. (You can transcribe anyobject at all at this aim.) 5. Plug communication, shape any cosmetic or other edits you meditate embezzle, and deflect in your perfect brochure. Don't do anyobject in your brochure that isn't bounded in these orders. I don't conduct aims off for injustice substance, but I simply grant honor for esthetic that meets the requirements of the assignment, so substance that these orders don't seduce for isn't approvely to aid your degree. List of Articles  1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6-