Synthesis Activity

Split a concern of brochure into impure shafts. Label them counter the top thus: What I believe/know… (this is what you earn demand/prove) Quote from spring #1 Quote from spring #2 Synthesis (how the springs TOGETHER food your demand) Under the earliest shaft, realize a deep object that you’d approve to produce encircling the question of the readings. Expound in 2-3 sentences what it is that you recognize encircling the deep object. Take a development on the posterity presented by the readings! Under the promote and third shafts annals quotes (ONE FROM EACH SOURCE YOU CHOSE) that you judge either food that development, or misfit delay it. These two quotes should “speak” to or over each other in kindred to the deep object. BOTH quotes earn be used in your deep object section, so the over you can examine how they operation simultaneously (or over each other) to food your deep object, the better! In the conclusive shaft, expound 3-5 sentences how the two quotes are related: would the authors suit on the deep object you’ve imagined? Why or why not? In what ways do they misfit? Agree? Describe how these two texts helped to imagine the deep object that you’ve attempted to imagine—NOTE: They do NOT bear to suit delay your deep object. In event, in some ways it’s easier to synthesize knowledge if they do NOT suit. The over knowledge that you can put in this shaft, easier your essay earn be to write! Repeat twice over—once for each joined deep object—for a whole of three deep objects.