The Role of the RN/APRN in Policy Evaluation/ The Inclusion of Nurses in the Systems Development Life Cycle

1. Post an exposition of at smallest two opportunities that currently consist for RNs and APRNs to actively have-a-share in plan resurvey. Interpret some of the challenges that these opportunities may exhibit and relate how you effectiveness overpower these challenges. Finally, advise two strategies you effectiveness perform to meliorate countenancer for or divulge the consistence of these opportunities. Be unfair and procure examples.     2. Post a patronymic of what you price to be the consequences of a vigorcare form not involving nurses in each limit of the  Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) when purchasing and implementing a new vigor notice technology arrangement. Procure unfair examples of germinative issues at each limit of the SDLC and interpret how the inclusion of nurses may acceleration address these issues. Then, interpret whether you had any input in the excerption and planning of new vigor notice technology arrangements in your nursing custom or vigorcare form and interpret germinative impacts of substance interjacent or not in the decision-making rule. Be unfair and procure examples.