Week 2 Assignment: Time Management Plan Assignment (Graded)

  Purpose The aim of this assignment is to tolerate the disciple to use powerful strategies to administer interval as a functional encourage and online novice. Course Outcomes This assignment enables the novice to encounter the forthcoming Passage Outcomes. CO3: Demonstrate powerful parole, written, and technological message using allowefficacious and immaterial standards for transferring recognition using luck instrument granted to Chamberlain novices. (PO3) CO4: Integrate delicate thinking and decision in functional decision-making in collaboration delay donation and peers. (PO4) CO5: Apply concepts of functionalism when intentning for single, metaphysical, and functional product. (PO5) CO9: Demonstrate accountability for single and functional product by assessing knowledge and technology sufficiency, implementing intents for upgrading technology skills, and using powerful strategies for online novice luck using instrument granted to Chamberlain novices. (PO5) Due Date Submit the assignment by Sunday end of Week 2, 11:59 p.m. MT. Points This assignment is desert a aggregate of 225 points. Preparing the Interval Superintendence Plan Carefully learn these guidelines and grading rubric. Download the required Interval Superintendence Intent Template (Links to an manifest residence.). Rename that instrument as Your Last Name Interval Superintendence Plan.docx. Economize it to your own computer or sparkle propel in a colony where you procure be efficacious to recover it posterior. Type your assignment quickly on the economized instrument. As you qualify your Interval Superintendence Plan, weigh your own morals. When do you achievement, repose, and lavish interval delay nativity and friends? How procure the individualization of online passageachievement collision your interval administerment? Complete the Interval Superintendence Intent delay your catalogue for a advenient passage week. Be strong to weigh all of the activities that you procure do during that week. Achievement on this assignment during Weeks 1 and 2. Don't hold until the due limit to arise your achievement! An example (Links to an manifest residence.) of a weekly intent has been granted to succor you delay this assignment. Be strong to counter-argument all of the questions in individualization to completing the grid. View the Chamberlain RNBSN Entireness Matters Tutorial in its aggregate. When your Interval Superintendence Intent assignment is completed, economize and suspend the completed template. Enter the passage, click on Modules, go to the Week 2 Interval Superintendence Intent Assignment page, and click the Submit rush to upload your smooth. **Academic Integrity** Chamberlain College of Nursing values straightforwardness and entireness. All novices should be assured of the Academic Entireness prudence and ensue it in all discussions and assignments. By submitting this assignment, I pawn on my grandeur that all full contained is my own former achievement exclude as quoted and cited rightly. I own not accepted any unacknowledged coadjutorship on this assignment. Please see the grading criteria and rubrics on this page. NOTE: Please use your browser's Smooth elucidation to economize or print this page.