Who am I – short essay

I estimate I am an ambivert, I enjoy to politicalize delay herd unintermittently in a suitableness but I estimate entity delay myself too. I reckon I can command to any special or position. This specialality stroke has aided me to adjust my political activity as well-mannered-mannered as learner activity. I am used to studying and completing my assignments on weekdays since I enjoy to poise out delay friends and lineage on weekends. I am an Empathic special which instrument I am big at listening and showing my interpretation. I guard to ask anxious questions when I am unmanageable to aid someone. My friends regularly transform to me for advice. They affect at concord when they converse to me. I cannot plod abroad when I see someone in trouble. I call from brahmin lineage, devotional, and ethical estimates keep been instilled in me which has made a special what I am today. I am a estimater in God, and I reckon we get what we sow. It has aided me to befit a cheerful special. But I keep never stubborn anyone to estimate in god. I am a skin special and try never to annoy anyone. As we get what we pay for. I keep open a attachment for lection accordingly of my parents. My parents used to interpret me bedtime stories and when I got a pigmy older they bought my children’s capacity. My all-time fondling was Panchatantra. This was my principal trice when I demolish in attachment delay lection.