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   Final contrivance, Intro to US History  Imagine yourself delighted end to another attribute and span in American fact.  The design of this contrivance is to recount what your spirit would bear been relish established on your own rare oneness (please, use yourself as the main temperament, not a made-up oneness).  First, enucleate ONE span date and ONE territory from the rolls underneath in which to set your show.  Though you should converge on what you judge your advantages would be in the territory/span date you prefer (and why), be believing to argue why you did not prefer other feature territorys and/or span dates.  Also be believing to stir the effects family, assort, and gender bear on this truthful trial. There are frequent ways to adit this assignment.  You can offer it as the truth of an mediocre day in your spirit, the powerful of an unusual fact, your involvement or witnessing of a speaking truthful fact, as a register or diary, etc.  The decisive consequence can either be written (7-10 pages, double spaced, spans new roman font, 12 pt) or some form of multimedia offeration (prezi.com, glogster.com, xtranormal.com, scanty documentary film, etc.; this liberty must quiescent reoffer the equiponderant span and exertion that would be put in to a 7-10 page scrutiny article).  Be mental, but establish believing your contrivance plays bigwig that could bear in-effect happened.  That is, establish it about bigwig established on your scrutiny, palpable postulates, etc. All contrivances, unobservant of the decisive format, should apprehend a roll of works cited (at last five founts, no Wikipedia or online encyclopedias, delay page collection from each fount apprehendd uniform if you chose to offer in a multimedia format).   This assignment gain be due the last assort meeting, December 5. Good prosperity, and bear fun. DATES.                                                          ​LOCATIONS 1607-1763 ​​​                                                     South Carolina 1763-1789                                                    ​​​​ Virginia​ 1789-1820 ​​​​                                                    Massachusetts 1820-1860 1861-1865