250 -300 words total

  Provide an primary counter-argument to the investigation under from the lection.  Your counter-argument should be: A incompleteness of 250 orders Create your counter-argument in order or some other extract editor so you can restrain spelling and rhetoric. Be in your own orders! Even if you are using notice from the extract, you should rephrase it so that it is not a portraiture paste.  I would rather you put things in your own orders than be exact – this is adapted for you to evaluate the subject and perframe habit after a suitableness talking environing biological concepts! Include accountinology from the extract (extraneously portraitureing it quickly) Link of the book:  https://openstax.org/details/books/concepts-biology  In individuality 2.3: Biological Molecules of the Concepts of Biology extract, we collect environing the foul-mouthed categories of macromolecules that frame biological organisms.  Address the subjoined points in your counter-argument for this lection assessment: In viewing the molecular constituency of these foul-mouthed unanalogous types of macromolecules, highlight some similarities and differences in the elements and associated chemical bonds that create up each meaning (individuality 2.1 is environing bonds).   As you earn perceive in posterior individualitys, chemical bonds treasure possible essence (which is peel of approve essence in a battery that isn’t substance used – the essence is in there, its exact not substance used for anything yet).  When you curb those bonds, you extricate essence that can be used to do multitudinous types of things.  The end of carbohydrates and some lipids (fats) is to produce brief account and crave account essence to the matter.  Take a observe at the molecular constituency of these molecules – why do you judge some molecules are prepared for brief account essence storage suitableness others are advantageous for crave account essence storage?