Advantages and Disadvantages of Accounting information systems (AIS)

Introduction Accounting counsel regularitys (AIS) enjoy conversant gaugeless transmutes in irrelative decades, neat from tractate-established journals and ledgers to thoroughly automated, tractateless regularitys. However, the alibi from tractate to computer has its exposes to the concourse. It contains the secret counsel which becomes concerned if it is unguarded. The unacknowledged use of the totalitying regularity can be misused and complicated in exposeing hurt of the counsel, adverse and bad axioms input. Carelessness of totalitying regularitys is a govern in numerous companies. In fresh decades, the changing environment has posed a denunciation to the concourse. As a regularity totalityant of a big normal UK established Retail Concourse specialising in the sale of free electrical appliances, it is needful to deem the exposes and the carelessness denunciations that the concourse would visage in today’s concern environment. According to Tony Boczko, expose is cognate to the mien of hurt, the verisimilitude of misfortune and the possibility of jeopard or detriment. Moreover, expose can be determined in irrelative ways such as the surroundings of bad consequences, the pitfall to misfortune and the verisimilitude of hurt. These exposes and denunciations can govern an ordinary collision on twain the bestow and advenient of the concourse’s financial activities and holding. Type and disposition of twain the exposes and the carelessness denunciations Nature of expose The disposition and commencement of the exposes can be conspicuous into two pristine commencements of expose which can be categorized as the event/activity-established expose and resource/asset-established expose. By referring to Tony Boczko 2007 (pp. 681), he mentioned that event/activity-established expose is determined as the expose which is associated behind a while the point event/ ardor or the dispose of activities/ events. The resource/ asset- established expose is the adjuvant pristine commencement which can be determined as the expose which is associated behind a while the holding and use of the resource/ asset or the dispose of recources/ possessions. In restoration, Tony Boczko 2007(pp. 681) mentioned that the commencement of expose can be categorized into lewd associated minor commencements of exposes such as signed interior employee and superficial agent-established expose, unacknowledged individuals-established expose and disposition-established expose. The event of the signed interior employee/ superficial agent-established expose is the slight hurt which can be resulted from the casual or grave blunders. Unacknowledged individuals-established expose is most slight complicated in the expose of slight hurt which can be resulted in the slight gapes of carelessness and stereocharacter of possessions and counsel. The disposition established expose is complicated in the expose of slight hurt which is resulted from the geographical distress or meteorological conditions. Type of Risk What are the irrelative characters of exposesThere a calculate of differing characters of expose that can feign the free electrical appliances concourse in today’s concern environment. One of the exposes is casual blunder. Casual blbeneath is the blbeneath which is cognate to the careless chance and untrue exercises imputable to the bad judgement in determination making, inexperience and incaution. The casual blunders that occured through computerized regularitys are constantly at of expose strength deficiency of the computer, banees onslaught and end up behind a while losing the significant counsel of the concourse such as financial documents. Furthermore, problems behind a while computerized regularity could govern to a standstill in custom of the axiomsbase. When the free electrical appliances concourse is centre and reliant on the totalitying counsel regularity, the casual blbeneath due to the strength and computer outage could govern to a toil dissension. Toil dissension can disentitle the input of the counsel of the concourse can advance to the stored counsel. Additionally, if the axioms is not backed up unexceptionably, the concourse accomplish end up lost its significant axioms. Risk such as grave blunders can purpose the concourse behind a while the bad and careful implications. According to Tony Boczko 2007(pp. 682), grave blunders can be explained as the aware untrueness and incorrectness whose occurrences are drawingned to hurt, waste and confiscate a individual, dispose of individuals and structure. Such blunders are studied and studied. What if there is ‘someone’ else hosting its beloved and precious axioms‘Someone’ refers to the hacker. Hacking is the unjust exercise which complicated in compeling unacknowledged advance to the concourse totalitying counsel regularity to embezzle and get the axioms unjustly. The big intelligence of the hacking regularity is NASA’s regularity. ‘In 2002, Gary McKinnon was arrested by the UK’s general high-tech evil-doing item, behind life accused of hacking into NASA and the US soldierly computer networks.’ (BBC NEWS, 2006) Besides that, the hacker ‘The hacker has besides deprived that he had made Washington’s computer regularity inoperable, although he did advance he may enjoy deleted some government files by surroundingsally urgent-compulsory the evil-doing key’. (Jo Best, 2005). Grave blunders brought a careful implication to the concourse. Besides that, regular distress is besides counted as the careful character of expose in today’s concern environment. ‘A regular distress is the amiables of a regular jeopard (e.g., deluge, commotion, affiliation, flashing outburst, earthquake, or landslide). It governs to financial, environmental or anthropological hurtes. The resulting hurt depends on the incarelessness of the feigned population to stem the jeopard, besides pur-poseated their resilience’. (Wikipedia, 2011) As a free electrical appliances concourse, if it is suffered from the regular distress such as deluges. Floods can waste drainage computer regularity and purpose the raw sewage to diffuse behind a while insinuate. Besides that, architecture and concourse’s equipments can be besides hurtd due to the deluges. It accomplish govern to the catastrophic amiabless on the environment as the toxic such as gasoline accomplish be released and purposed defilement. Floods can purpose a immense equality of specie hurtes to the concern. Type of Carelessness Threats In today’s concern environment, there are numerous computer robberys and computer evil-doings through computerized totalitying counsel regularitys. Robbery can be determined as ‘deceit, artifice, ardent usage, or gap of faith, perpetrated for benefit-labor or to compel some unjust or untruth custom. In the broadest soundness, a robbery is an studied untruth made for individualal compel or to hurt another individual’. (Wikipedia, 2011) As a free electrical appliances concourse, the interior employees or supervisors as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as the shareholders can be besides robbery through the computerized totalitying counsel regularity. The counsel stored electronically can be manipulated and advanceed if separate governs and carelessness gauges are not smitten situate. This accomplish feign the influence of the concern. Robbery such as totality takebalance is a careful ardor which constantly occurs in today’s concern environment. ‘An totality takebalance can occur when a robberyster poses as a unaffected customer, compels govern of an totality and then makes unacknowledged transactions’. (Action robbery) The counsel of totality holders such as trustworthiness card can be smitten balance by those robberysters. Los Angeles counsel Christopher Painter said: “If you enjoy an explosive development on the Internet, you’re going to enjoy this great immense development in robberyulent spend and evil-doing committed balance the internet.” (BBC NEWS, 1999) From this manifestation, we can see that there is a carelessness denunciation on today’s concern through the computerized totalitying counsel regularity. Fraudster can be sued if they rest out by mob. For development, ‘Bank of America and two of its ancient bosses enjoy been teeming behind a while robbery for allegedly misleading shareholders during the takebalance of Merrill Lynch’. (, 2010) There are few characters of robbery, such as faithless billing, financial robbery, past fee robberys, sameness pilfering and phishing. In faithless billing scam, the robberyster accomplish despatch out a so-designated invoice for a point toil or labor that are never be disposeed, robberyster vision that it accomplish be paid for safe from the sufferer behind a whileout any consider. This ardor usually occured in big concern structure, it is bepurpose big concern structure has a billing or payments regularity which used to pay the invoice of the concourse, robberyster despatchs out those fake invoices and vision that this accomplish be invisible by the big concern structures. ‘Phishing is a way of attempting to realize impressible counsel such as usernames, passwords and trustworthiness card details by masquerading as a honest existence in an electronic communication’. (Wikipedia, 2011) It is exposed for today’s concern influence, it is bepurpose instead of embezzleing the individualal and concern counsel, ‘phishers’ can feign the computer behind a while the banees and inoculate the sufferer in dispose to share in specie laundering. Another carelessness denunciation is computer evil-doing, according to Tony Boczko 2007 (pp. 691), he mentioned that computer evil-doing can be determined as the grave exercise to compel advance to, or embezzle, hurt or waste the computer axioms behind a whileout authorization. Computer evil-doing involves in the ardor of untruth molding of computer programs or computer-established axioms. It besides involves in the robberyulent use/abuse of computer advance and media for individualal compel. The characters of computer evil-doing such as the impertinent use of corporate counsel regularitys, pilfering of computer and grievousware, unacknowledged advance and counsel pilfering or the robberyulent alteration of axioms and programs, regularity deficiency and studied bane corruption and disruptive software. It is grievous to determine a computer evil-doing; it is bepurpose computer evil-doing is constantly and largely be occured in the concern structure. Mob energy contemplate that robbery is besides peel of computer evil-doing. It is a large matter in carelessness denunciations. As a free electrical appliances concourse, studied bane corruption such as spyware, it gathers the users and client’s counsel and relays it to the third edge such as advertisers. Spyware can warner influence of the computer, overcontemplate the significant counsel and files, snoop on the secret applications such as confabulation programs. By lection the cookies and transmute the failure web browser, spyware can pleasantly relaying the counsel from the axiomsbase. It is exposed for the concern structure, bepurpose if their competitors spy into their programs and get the costs and character of materials of the electrical appliances as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as the client’s touch calculate, the concern structure accomplish be largely defeated by competitors. There is a final outcome environing the Sony PlayStation Nettoil which complicated in the sameness pilfering. ‘Up to 3 darling Britons are believed to be inchoate the 77 darling users of Sony’s PlayStation Network, which has been hacked into by criminals who enjoy stolen users’ individualal counsel, perhaps including trustworthiness card details’. (Charles Arthur and Keith Stuart, 2011) ‘Sony, which close down the online games, movies and music endowment regularity developed week behind it was onslaughted by hackers, has said that although names, birthdates, e-mail addresses and log-in counsel were concerned for regular players, it has seen “no manifestation that trustworthiness axioms was smitten,” but “cannot government out the possibility’. (Ricgrievous Newman, 2011) Security Strategies/Measures Due to the incarelessness of the computerized totalitying counsel regularity, it is not-difficult to be onslaughted by interior and superficial mob of the concern structure. It is needful to instrument some regularitys to reresolve the careful outcomes. According to American Institute of CPAs In dispose to guard the concern structure from the onslaught of expose and carelessness denunciations, , TOP Technology Initiatives Task Force, which is a dispose of the technologically penetrating members of the CPA occupation and other technology occupationals, collaborated in the AICPA’s Top Technology Initiatives drawing, seeking to warrant the most significant technology initiatives. The principal regularity is enhancing the counsel carelessness such as upgrade the grievousware and software in dispose to guard the counsel regularitys from the carelessness denunciations. Concourse should instrument and upgrade the drawinge of firewall which blocks the interception from the internet. Update the anti-bane programs behind a while the logins of password and username to word advance. Besides that, concourse should comband-arms the conversant nettoil integrator to stop whether it is toil unexceptionably behind a while the carelessness patches. Additionally, concourse can enjoy a carelessness audit for the rebellious praise on the concourse’s financial axioms and client’s counsel. Through this mode, concern structure can be guarded. The other regularity is distress and concern uninterruptedness drawingning. It is an ardor which involves in the developing, warnering and updating of the sky transmute, surroundings and other malicious damnation. It can thwart the concern structure to hurt their significant counsel. It is bepurpose having the computerized totalitying counsel regularity down for few hours or few days due to the regular distress; could govern a bad collision to the benefit-serviceability and liquidity of the concern structure. So, concern structure should drawing and pur-pose a mode to restrain the regularity constant to thwart any hurtes. Govern Procedure According to Tony Boczko 2007(pp. 729), he mentioned that the interior govern which comprises the modees or proceedings behind a whilein a concern structure drawingned to yield a sound promise that concern external- chiefly the maximization of shareholder opulence which can be consummated and those undesired events can be thwarted or corrected. The interior govern cognate to the skillful-treatment govern. It can be determined as a divers rank of activities drawingned to spend, straightforward and govern concern activities and ensafe the compactness behind a while corporate concern external. For development auditors, their role is to audit the concern structure’s interior govern policies, to assafe that the govern behind a whilein the departments is beneath governs and sufficient, it can aid in govern the financial announcement to thwart the financial hurt in dispose to consummate the band-arms of concern structure. Furthermore, interior govern such as expose rate is besides needed to be smitten situate in complete concern structure. It is an amiablesive govern proceeding aids in guarding concourse. According to heartiness and security ruler, the expose rate, instead of creating the immense equalitys of tractatework, but rather environing warranting tangible gauges to govern the exposes in the concern structure. Expose rate is aid to guard mob by putting in situate gauges to govern those exposes. As a free of electrical appliances concourse, expose rate is a amiable starting point; supervisor can in-fact dare and contemplate for the jeopard which may purpose detriment to the concern structure. Furthermore, a delicate contemplateing environing how the surroundings could occur and who accomplish be influenced could aid in noticing and warnering the expose. Once the supervisors warrant the expose, it accomplish be largely to govern and put a correspondent measafe on it. Conclusion As a disposal, totalitying counsel regularity brings a lot of disadvantages to the structure in today’s concern environment, but totalitying counsel regularity combines the consider and usage of the totalitying behind a while the concept of pur-poseing, instrumenting, governling and warnering the counsel regularitys. It besides combines the new counsel technology and the unwritten totalitying regularity to yield a ameliorate financial regularity to contrive and ameliorate the financial work of the structure.