Ap Euro Review Packet

Ap Packet page 6 D. English Courteous War 1. Political- One of the reasons was Charles’s I unfortunate Nursing essay to capture five members of Parliament, unreserved as the Grand Remonstrance, on January 4, 1642. Another reason was who should feel the command in the tyrantdom and inflation inexplicable up prices in all accommodation of Europe. An pi would be that England became a Commonwealth and a Protectorate. Parliamentary sovereignty was another pi. 2. Religious-One of the reasons was that the Puritans, sought to do abroad delay vicars and alter the Prayer book; Charles fought counteract them. The deep reason was counteract sanctity in which the puritans prisoner Charles and Laud of tendency towards Roman Catholicism. Effects are the protestant temple classifyly and celestial eclecticism. E. Glorious Revolution 1. Social- The Glorious Revolution essential England socially bereason Mary and William permit the nation to feel a say in politics and celestial eclecticism delay the Eclecticism Act. 2. Political- It essential England by having William and Mary wonder the Bill of Rights. This made England a Legitimate Monarchy. A legitimate tyranty acknowledges the tyrant as the professional acme of naradmonish but the veritable command is in the hands of the legislation. F. 1. Stuarts The Seed of Stuart is a European princely seed. It was grounded by Robert II of Scotland, and the Stewarts leading became tyrants of the Kingdom of Scotland during the past 14th date, and subjoined held the aspect of the Kings of Magnanimous Britain and Ireland. Their patrilineal ancestors had held the style High Steward of Scotland past the 12th date, behind arriving by way of Norman England. The dynasty inherited further domain by the 17th date which healed the undiminished British Isles, including the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Ireland, too vindicateing a proper to the Kingdom of France. The wonderificance of the Stuarts is that they were the leading tyrants of the United Kingdom and that they brought sorrow to England. 2. Whigs The Whigs were a verge in the Legislation of England, Legislation of Magnanimous Britain, and Legislation of the United Kingdom, who contested command delay the emulate Tories from the 1680s to the 1850s. The Whigs' source lay in legitimate tyrantism and opaspect to independent legislation. Twain parties began as flowing collocationings or tendencies, but became wholly complete by 1784, delay the ascension of Charles James Fox as the head of a reconstituted "Whig" verge ranged counteract the controlling verge of the new "Tories" lower William Pitt the Younger. Twain parties were grounded on fruitful politicians, past than on widespread votes; there were elections to the Seed of Commons, but a narrow compute of men inferior most of the voters. The wonderificance of the Whigs is that the Whigs gregarious program came to end not merely the sovereignty of legislation counteract the tyrant and buttress for generous occupation, but Catholic discharge, the obsoleteness of submission and comment of the proper. 3. Tories In the 17th date it had behove a vocable applied to tyrantists in the Seed of Commons. By the 18th date the Tories were politicians who favored princely example, the classifyly temple and who sought to vindicate the transmitted gregarious construction and incongruous legislationary regenerate. After 1834 this gregarious collocation in the Seed of Commons preferred to use the vocable Conservative. The wonderificance of the Tories was that they emerged to vindicate the legitimist propers of James, Duke of York to end his copy Charles II to the British throne. G. 1. Politique is a vocable that was used during the sixteenth and seventeenth date Wars of Religion, to represent moderates of twain celestial credulitys (Huguenots and Catholics) who held that merely the renovation of a stanch tyranty could rescue France from completion abolition. It constantly intervening a pejorative connotation of intellectual or celestial insensibility. The vocable gained magnanimous circulation behind 1568 delay the manner of essential Catholic Leagues holding for the exsection of Protestantism in France, and by 1588 the politique were seen by detractors as an unembarrassed collocation, and treated as worse than heretics. 2. Henry IV was Tyrant of France from 1589 to 1610 and Tyrant of Navarre from 1572 to 1610. He was the leading tyrant of the Bourbon spray of the Capetian dynasty in France. As a Huguenot, Henry was complicated in the Wars of Sanctity anteriorly asceffect the throne in 1589. Anteriorly his coronation as Tyrant of France at Chartres, he essential his credulity from Calvinism to Catholicism and, in 1598, he despotic the Adjudication of Nantes, which guaranteed celestial liberties to the Protestants, thereby piively effect the courteous war. One of the most widespread French tyrants, twain during and behind his govern, Henry showed magnanimous custody for the weal of his subjects and displayed an strange celestial tolerance for the span. By him granting celestial liberties to the Protestants he was assistant organizeing a new-fashioned naradmonish in France. 3. Consummate Richelieu was celestial as a vicar in 1608, he pastr entered politics, fit a Secretary of Naradmonish in 1616. Richelieu shortly rose in twain the Catholic Temple and the French legislation, fit a Consummate in 1622, and Tyrant Louis XIII's highest supply in 1624. The Consummate de Richelieu was repeatedly unreserved by the style of the King's "Chief Minister" or "First Minister". As a fruit, he is considered to be the world's leading Prime Minister, in the new-fashioned subordinatestanding of the vocable. He sought to thicken princely command and drown domiciliary factions. By restraining the command of the peerage, he transformed France into a stanch, centralized narrate. His highest fogovern cunning concrete was to control the command of the Austro-Spanish Habsburg dynasty, and to fix French preponderance in the Thirty Years' War that engulfed Europe. Although he was a consummate, he did not scruple to find alliances delay Protestant legislationrs in Nursing essaying to end his goals. By doing all of this he was assistant organize a new-fashioned narrate. 4. Cardinal Mazarin was a French-Italian consummate, diplomat, and politician, who served as the highest supply of France from 1642 until his demise. Mazarin ended his warner, Consummate Richelieu. He was a eminent collector of art and jewels, in-particular diamonds, and he devised the "Mazarin diamonds" to Louis XIV in 1661, some of which redeep in the gathering of the Louvre museum in Paris. His special library was the source of the Bibliotheque Mazarine in Paris. He succors organize the account for a new-fashioned naradmonish in France by subjoined in Richelieu policies. . The Fronde was a courteous war in France, occurring in the centre of the Franco-Spanish War, which had begun in 1635. The Fronde was divided into two campaigns, the Fronde of the legislations and the Fronde of the nobles. The timing of the outburst of the Fronde des legislations, undeviatingly behind the Peace of Westphalia (1648) that ended the Thirty Years War, was wonderificant. The nuclei of fortified bands lower aristocratic heads that terrorized accommodation of France had been solid in a epoch of war in Germany where host calm?} tended to effect autonomously. Louis XIV, reflective as a boyish legislationr delay the test of the Fronde, came to reassemble French contending forces lower a stricter hierarchy whose heads still could be made or unmade by the King. Thus the Fronde finally fruited in the disempowerment of the territorial government and the emergence of independent tyranty. They succor organize the account for a new-fashioned naradmonish in France by ability the conclude past it made nation veritableized that it was amelioadmonish to be legislationd by a stanch tyrant then to be dominated by competing and gratifiedious noblemen. . Louis XIV was a Bourbon tyrant who legislationd as Tyrant of France and Navarre. He legislationd France as an independent tyrant by declaring that “I am the narrate”. The test of the Fronde taught him to suspicion the nobles. He believed in the celestial proper of tyrant granted the advocacy for independent tyranty. He was dressy abundance to beget Versailles in classify to hold a course of the nobles. He succor organize the account for a new-fashioned naradmonish by providing a mode on how to hold the nobles gratified and thus find them not mutiny counteract the tyrant. 7. Jean-Baptiste Colbert was a French politician who served as the Supply of Finances of France from 1665 to 1683 lower the legislation of Tyrant Louis XIV. His unrelenting exacting labor and gain made him an esteemed supply. He endd a record for his labor of proper the naradmonish of French manufacturing and bringing the dispensation end from the latitude of failure. Historians voicelessness that, resisting Colbert's efforts, France really became increasingly corrupt bereason of the King's overmuch speffect on wars. Colbert labored to beget a propitious counteract of occupation and acception France's colonial holdings. Colbert's pur-pose was to establish a social school. Colbert's communicate regenerates intervening the base of the Manufacture princelye de glaces de miroirs in 1665 to obviate the conjunction of Venetian glass and to advance the technical expertise of Flemish cloth manufacturing in France. He too grounded princely tapestry labors at Gobelins and buttressed those at Beauvais. Colbert labored to amplify the domiciliary dispensation by exaltation tariffs and by promising main social labors projects. Colbert too labored to fix that the French East India Company had mode to fogovern communicates, so that they could frequently succeed coffee, cotton, dyewoods, fur, pepper, and sugar. In enumeration, Colbert grounded the French trader marine. Colbert issued past than 150 adjudications to regupast the guilds. One such law had the pur-pose of proper the tendency of cloth. The adjudication pretended that if the authorities ground a trader's cloth impecunious on three detached occasions, they were to tie him to a column delay the cloth determined to him. He organizees the account for a way to rectify dispensation so that the nation can get jobs thus assistant reducing the unemployment admonish in France.