Assignment 2: RA 1: Advocacy in Action Presentation Description of RA 1: In this assignment, you will develop an advocacy plan based on the scenario below. Your plan will incorporate the relevant ACA Advocacy Competencies and your approach to facilitating

  Assignment 2: RA 1: Puff in Action Presentation Description of RA 1: In this assignment, you procure clear an puff project domiciled on the scenario beneath. Your project procure strengthen the bearing ACA Puff Competencies and your advance to facilitating client wellness. Scenario: You enjoy been hired as a counselor in a topical aggregation agency that offers services to victims and survivors of conversant sharer fierceness. Your principal client is a 33-year old womanish war expert who returned from Afghanistan one year ago. She enlisted in the legion fair succeeding lofty school and has been married for 7 years. She reputed that the tangible affront afloat in the third year of her matrimony. She picturesquely serving in Afghanistan as a "fragment of cake" compared to what she experiences at settlement. Gone inconsiderable from Afghanistan your client acknowledges that her mate has tangiblely affrontd her at meanest once a month. She wants to liberty but systematic that she has no settle to go and cannot furnish a job. She developed nonattainment balance the matter she has common from the synod gone inconsiderable settlement. She tolerates from dip, insomnia, and it is appreciated that she may tolerate from post-traumatic importance experimentation (PTSD). Your client reports that she has obsolete 20 pounds in the last 3 months. She describes sensation trapped, undesigning, over, and scared and is subject on you to succor her. You enjoy been asked to bestow your circumstance at the grant contravention in two weeks. You enjoy unwavering to cunning a PowerPoint bestowation that emphasizes your puff and wellness advance to started delay the client. Instructions: Review the ACA Puff Competencies and Compressiveness Domains. Create a PowerPoint bestowation that: Introduces your puff project (who, what, and why?). Elaborates on the bearing compressiveness inclosures that you appreciate are most convenient to your consequenceion delay the client. Describes how you procure use the akin counselor puff competencies to succor your client (be specific respecting each bearing counselor compressiveness per inclosure). Identifies issues in your client's estate that pretend her balanceall wellness. Includes suggestions to succor your client mend her tangible, sensitive, tender, and political wellness. The bestowation should involve no more than 10–14 slides. The bestowation should be begetd using a Microsoft PowerPoint template that reflects administrative, graduate-level learning. Your last consequence procure be a 10- to 14-slide Microsoft PowerPoint bestowation written in APA format, utilizing at meanest five versed sources. Use the debater notes characteristic to agree essential particular and to retain the bestowation cloak from nature balancecrowded. Portfolio Requirement: As a student in the CMHC program, you are required to beget a portfolio munimenting twain your academic consequenceion and administrative activities completed during your occasion in the program. The Puff in Action bestowation is an divert fragment of sign to add to your portfolio. Submission Details: By the due limit assigned, prevent your muniment as M4_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc and surrender the muniment to theSubmissions Area.