In your own articulation, acceptance this item's discourse questions in a ocean column (recommended restriction 350 articulation)  Assignment Details You are the appropriate teams general in a important metropolitan police agency. You feel a Appropriate Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, a Narcotics item, a Vice item, and a Street Crimes squad. You feel heard that the Street Crimes squad is rouseing to feel a growing sum of complaints of denizen affront in conditions of substantial apprehension and claims of waste funds and resources. You rouse by conferenceing the newest limb of the team, who has barely been on the team for 4 months. He is a grand police dignitary who came from the Detective Bureau to product in the Street Crimes item. In the conference, he allied that divers limbs of the nine-person team were heavy-handed delay suspects. He also allied that behind a month on the team, he current an compress in his locker that contained $3,000. He does not recognize who slipped it through the discharge slots in the door, but on that day, he saw two other limbs of the team delay correspondent compresss. Address the forthcoming in your ocean column:  What are 2 immanent problems that are occurring in this team? Can these problems be attributed to importance caused by high-stakes, traumatic events? Why or why not? Explain. How do you purpose this situation could feel progressed to this ultimate? Explain. Are interpersonal reactions natant police unanalogous from those of regular denizens concerning high-stakes, traumatic events? Why or why not? Explain in component.