Final Project

For your Final Project, you succeed produce a texture pur-pose to a scenario featuring an malefactor delay multiple kindred factors (e.g., gender, ethnicity, symbol of wrong, and age). See the scenarios supposing in the Final Project Scenarios instrument located in the instrument for this week. Your Final Project must be presented as a 12- to 15-page (not including allusions, inscription page, or immaterial), double-spaced, APA-formatted monograph. Please use 10- or 12-point, Times New Roman or Courier font. Allusion citations should after from peer-reviewed journals, estimable periodicals, and non-commercial websites. Please melody that Wikipedia is not judgeed a knowing allusion and is not certain as a citable commencement. In your Final Project, you must: Identify which scenario you separated to use for your Final Project. Explain the malefactor state(ies) that concurs delay the scenario client and perceive the texture judgeations imminent in this state(ies). Describe the multicultural factors (e.g., age, gender, and ethnicity) plum in the scenario and elucidate how these factors assume texture and texture mode(es). Describe the texture mode(es) and/or programs you would use delay the malefactor and elucidate why. Describe any legitimate and incorporeal issues that you might judge in the texture of your separated malefactor and elucidate how you would oration these issues. Describe the type you would use to value texture outcomes and elucidate why you separated this type.