Intro To Information Assurance & Security- Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerability Assessment

   Part A: Select an form (CAPITAL ONE) you wish to discuss and use throughout the road. As you construct your adoption, obey in soul that you procure discuss the aftercited roles in the form: Cyber Safety Threat Analyst, Penetration Tester, Cyber Safety Engineer, Risk Management Analyst, and Software Engineer. You insufficiency tit attainments of the form you choseneded to entire these safety assignments. Part B: A Cyber Safety Threat Analyst conducts partition, digital forensics, and targeting to authenticate, adviser, assess, and opposing cyber-attack threats opposing notice plans, censorious infrastructure, and cyber-related interests. Take on the role of a Cyber Safety Threat Analyst for the form you chosened. Use the Attached Template to imagine a 3- to 4-page impost muniment. Research and comprise the aftercited: · Tangible assets: · Comprise an impost end. The end must comprise virtualization, outdo, database, network, variable, and notice plans. · Asset descriptions: · Comprise a plan mould, diagram, and descriptions of each asset comprised in the impost end and bulky opposingmeasures already in settle. (Microsoft® Visio® or Lucidhart®) · Threat agents and practicable attacks · Exploitable vulnerabilities · Threat history · Evaluation of threats or contact of threats on the business · A prioritized catalogue of attested risks · Countermeasures to subjugate threat APA FORMAT