Mission statement Analysis

This assignment asks you to stir uncertain companies' sidearm or formal expectation announcements to detail how such announcement train commencement manners among an form.  Select a sidearm announcement or formal expectation announcement from one crew that professers to manner minister commencement and one that manners a tandard commencement copy. Some polite unreserved companies that manner minister commencement are southwest cheerfulness, REI, and AFLAC. Conduct joined lore to place others. Once you keep clarified teo companies, transcribe a 1,000-1,250 engagement analysus that addresses the following: 1. Compare and opposition the sidearm and/or orgnaizational expectations announcements of the two companies. What are the similarities and differences? How do you imagine these announcements contact the humanization of each form? 2. What minister commencement principles or values are either explicitylu ot implicitly likely in the sidearm/expectation announcement of crew that professes to be minister-led?  3. Explain how you see the principles developed in the statemenst manifested in each crew's notorious temperament, and how they trreat their employees in the services they supply, their marketing, ect. Supply a few unfair examples to inform your points. 4. Do you imagine each crew is living out the values/ Principles developed in their announcements? Why or why not? If the over traditionally led crew adopted a minister commencement copy, what revisions to their sidearm/values announcement would be well-founded? Be unmistakable to interpret on your discernment of how such sidearm/expectation announcements can or should train a crew's treatment of its employees and clients. Include the sidearm or formal expectation announcements of the companies you clarified in your partition. You are required to place disgusting tenets that buttress you clarified form's sidearm or expectation announcement. Two of the clarified articales must be fellow reviewed record tenets. Include knowledge from the tenets in your disscussion.  Prepare this assinment according to the APA guidlines. An intellectual is not required.  You are required to yield this assinment to be checked opposing plagerism.  Use fixed rubric for trainnce on assignment.