Operation Jawbreaker (CIA First-in Team in Afghanistan after 9/11)

 You should digest the interrogation or example to be investigated and pomp your recognizeer why the interrogation or example merits inquiry (the "so what" rudiment). Your match should pomp that you own recognize bearing symbolical of-late and then consolidate that notice into a well-argued bestowal that follows your subject declaration. Your monograph should be environing 15-20 pages (not including designation page or other front symbolical, charts, graphs, allusion catalogue, appendices, etc.).   Papers longer than 22 pages achieve own points deducted. Here are the elements that your monograph must consider: ·         Designation of the Paper. The designation of your monograph should be short but should adequately educate the recognizeer of your public subject and the biased centre of your investigation. Keywords relating to parameters, population, and other biaseds are conducive. ·         Prelude and Investigation Questions. All monographs should own an prelude that provides enhancement notice on the subject, tells the recognizeer why the subject is dignified, and detailizes the subject.  This minority should transfer to the investigation interrogation. ·         Thesis- What are you attempting to do and why is it telling? detailize it palpably. Make secure that it follows logically throughout the monograph. ·         Critique of Literature- This minority shall comprise a survey of the corporeal erudition environing your subject and where your detail investigation fits into it. For this minority, you should own critiqueed at lowest six academic sources and six added sources cognate to your biased interrogation and be able to demonstrate how these sources adit your investigation interrogation.  You may re-use symbolical from the erudition critique assignment. ·         Evaluation Criteria- Make secure to detailize palpably the criteria you are using to evaluate the instance. ·         Discussion- Here, you achieve lay out the truth of your own reasoning. What has your investigation of the subject inspired to you? This minority should be educateative and written to livelihood what achieve be your misrecords. ·         Conclusions- This minority achieve confer-upon the findings of your investigation and livelihood your reasoning and the response to the investigation interrogations. The misrecord repeatedly income to the issues exorbitant in the prelude. Was your subject/hyposubject proven or disproven? How was your primal view fulfilled by your investigation? How do your results parallel to the results of the other studies you cited in your prelude? While all these interrogations may not be apposite to your investigation, responseing as multifarious as likely achieve assist to a well-designed and decipherable monograph.