Organizational Behaviour and Development

   Assignment Task 1: [70 Marks] – Project Format Read the forthcoming Scenario, and plan a news after a while the guidelines granted. Scenario: Throughout the cosmos-people, workplace workivity has grown steadily for further than a decade, allowing standards of subsistence to stir suggestively after a whileout the intimidation of suggestive economic inflation. After a while modern technological advancements in such areas as knowledge systems, manufacturing modees, list conduct, and utility exhibition, the general incline of increasing workivity may stretch polite into the coming. Nonetheless, singular companies casually run into workivity problems. This congregation generally aspects problems as a fruit of: - Fierce race in the automotive manufacturing industry - Aggressive discounting by private manufacturers - Attractive pricing by interpolitical competitors CEO William Clay “Bill” Ford, Jr. aspects the undoubting tasks of: -Cutting up to $4.5 billion in expenses - Updating aging work lines - Shoring up flux quality Student can go through the forthcoming videos adapted in you tube to grant them an recognition on the Ford Corporation’s formal cultivation. Students can too attribute to outer sources for getting for further knowledge in attributeence to the assignment. The news should understand the forthcoming: Executive Summary ( 8 Marks) Introduction to the Selected      Organizations ( 6 Marks ) Explain the formal      cultivation of the Ford Corporation in specialty. (10 Marks) If you      were a director in a congregation relish Ford Motor Company, How would you amend      employee workivity in the aspect of unacceptably haughty workion costs?      (20) To assess how does Ford      focuses on employee workivity through untrue motivational      techniques(15) The role of cultivation on the      organizational/employee comportment of Ford (6 Marks) Conclusions and      recommendations. (5 Marks) References (Adhering to      Harvard Referencing Format) Assignment Task - 2: [30 Marks] – Project Format Based on the stakeholder doctrine concept and habit for a selected form. In predicament true stakeholders are not grantn ample pintimation in the firmness making mode interpret how each of the stakeholders could be made disunite of the firmness-making mode successfully. The news should too secrete how the selected organisation identifies the requirements of employee harvest in the organisation and what activities are implemented for employee harvest. Students accept to yield a news grounded on their mind of the overhead said scenario  The form that the novice chooses can be either a manufacturing form or utility form.  The news has to secrete the forthcoming : Introduction to the      form - (4 Marks) Assessment Temporization      followed by the form generally for mind the employee      harvest and integrating      stakeholders in the firmness-making mode– (4 Marks) Evaluation of the      effectiveness of the general temporization – (7 Marks) Based on the evaluation of      the general temporization cater suggestions and recommendations to find it      better or to remain after a while the identical – (6 Marks) Tools that can be used to      amend their operations temporization – (6 Marks) Scope for coming      sustainability of the temporization – (3 Marks)