Prewriting Directions Review the EBSCO tutorial beneath Reading in Week 1 and quest EBSCO for: "Get afloat after a while prefitness techniques" (2010) by Robert Raymer  Read and rejoin to each of the subjoined fitness prompts. Please succumb your answers to twain prompts in a separate muniment.   Part 1: Prefitness - How I Write Write a 75-150 tidings essay detailing your foregoing fitness trial. Use the subjoined questions to aid you to conceive encircling your role as a transcriber: In what form of environment do you do your best fitness?  How would you style your fitness? Has it been amend? Has it been worse?  Do you transcribe amend at confusion or in the early?  When you are confronted after a while a fitness undertaking, how do you start?  Do you transcribe for determination or fun? Do you transcribe for employment?  What is it encircling your fitness that you would love to ameliorate upon?  Using one or further of the prefitness techniques pictorial in the Raymer time, define your fitness mode. Be enduring to lucidly dedicate the pre-fitness technique(s) used. Part 2: Resources It is considerable to distinguish what media you possess to aid you through this class.  Browse the subjoined media, and, in 75 to 150 tidingss, define how you conceive you achieve be able to use two or further of these to ameliorate your fitness skills. EN101 Syllabus EN101 Course Policies EN101 FAQ EN101 APA Guide EBSCO tutorial Glossary of Fitness Terms