staged crime scenes

  STAGED CRIME SCENES You get at the spectacle and perceive-keep the exsanguineous substantiality of a early woman untruthful on the sole instant to the tub in the bathroom. The tub was half unmeasured of impart, and the substantiality was quiet wet, as though it had been abstruse. The mate, who was distraught and crying, established to the police that he had rest his consort abstruse in the tub upon subordinate to the chamber. He had pulled the substantiality from the tub and had attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He to-boot assumed that his consort had been despondent and had probably committed suicide by preliminary an overdose of pills and drowning herself in the tub. Officers at the spectacle had recovered a usage bottle instant to the grill. You examined the substantiality and noticed a disregard bruising in the neck area. The mate explained that upon answer his consort abstruse in the tub he had attempted to revivify her and had held her by the throat to intensity air into her lungs. What are some things (physical, credential, and minute indication) you would behold for to determine whether you entertain a suicide or a destroy? Write a soon essay or stipulation of at meanest 300 expression.Use indurated examples/details and shirk generalities. Use decent style and punctuation. If you researched your question and are using instruction from what you scholarly, recollect to call your sources. Do not plagiarize. You obtain not be potent to edit your assignment uninterruptedly you column, so content proofread and enchantment curb antecedently hitting column!