Top three trends

  Imagine that you recently began established in a line that supports your union’s strategic delineationning for development in the assiduity. Your line division has asked you to do elimination from a newcomer’s perspective to edify forthcoming marketing directions for the union. He has asked you to transcribe a minute memo that identifies the three top trends in the assiduity. If he likes your effect on this primal elimination, he achieve ask you to transcribe a pose monograph on the most material children allied to these trends. (The pose monograph achieve be your assignment for design 3.) He is hoping to use your elimination to qualify your line to enlarge a new strategic delineation.  This is your leading true lesson for your new job, and you are distracted and a slight nervous environing the assignment. You hold you feel a wisdom of the assiduity but comprehend you deficiency to do over elimination to be complimentary in your partition. The force to blur trends in your assiduity is an material expertness, and your boss wants to disburse intelligence and principal on new development areas, products, and services. Writing for Entrepreneur, Spader (2007) offers ideas environing how to Blur the Latest Trends. Your assignment is to product a well-researched and justly named memo of approximately 500 utterance (environing two pages in double-spaced Times New Roman font) in which you establish three trends in your assiduity and examine each one little. You are to procure citations for at lowest THREE SOURCES. These sources should be a mix of journal articles from the UMGC library, edifyation from Vault, and other proper and substantial websites or online materials pertaining to your trends. Be unmistakable to name any utterance or ideas from your sources in rectify APA format, and apprehend a justly formatted schedule of connectences. For illustration, gladden connect to the APA formatted template for design 2. 1. Submit your APA-formatted appellation page, commendatory paragraph, and connectence schedule to the DRAFT of Design 2 Memo assignment   2.  Submit your ample 500-word memo after a while a appellation page, citations, and at lowest three connectences in APA format to the FINAL Design 2 Memo assignment