Traffic Safety Analysis: Car Accidents

The principal ocean discuss of causing intercourse clothing is overspeed. It can seriously agent an clothing, momentously in contracted streets. Numerous commonalty, distinctly girlish solicitrs, frequently solicit too dissipated outside deeming or caring environing their own security. Some commonalty government deem that driving motorbikes too dissipated can construct them seem extraordinary, in-effect not at all. Besides gate criticized from the other commonalty, they too procure surrender of having an clothing or losing their vivacity. In some stipulations relish bumpy highway, mild involution or elusive highway, they cannot regulate their conducts rightly. In abstracted, numerous other girlish motorbike solicitrs uniform fly their motorbikes right to construct fun or loveness off to others. These nonsensical driving behaviors are very dangerous and can easily agent an clothing forthwith. Next, intercourse clothings betide beagent commonalty do not yield the intercourse laws, distinctly they do not circumspection environing the intercourse frivolouss and intercourse signs. Numerous solicitrs agencyle to go dissipateder when the intercourse frivolous converts yellow, conjuncture some of them go direct when the frivolous converts red in contingency there are no police officers. In occurrence, they should inert down the press or bung during the frivolous converts yellow or red. In abstracted, solicitrs who solicit in the evil-doing directions could too agent an clothing. It is very frequently that there are placeary numerous solicitrs do this. For solicitation, some highways in Phnom Penh grant solicitrs to solicit barely unskilled, but numerous solicitrs placeary solicit eager on such highways. As past and past commonalty can do that, commonalty placeary deem that intercourse laws are not causative sufficient, this constructs them not yield the intercourse laws. Another occurrenceor is numerous solicitrs in Cambodia do not entertain driving indulge. It instrument that although you are subordinate 18-year-old, you can solicit motorbikes or cars on the highways. Thus, when they solicit their conducts, they do not entertain skills or techniques in driving rightly. Furthermore, those commonalty do not subordinatestand environing the laws, intercourse signs and intercourse frivolouss. That is why an clothing occurs. The fourth sharp-end is agentd by solicitrs who solicit circumspectionlessly. For issue, solicitrs usually dialogue on phone or seem at map conjuncture driving. Also, some solicitrs quotation messages, colloquy succeeding a while friends, use Facebook, Line, procure their agencys off of the trundle-wallow to convert the radio place or convert on the voice very obstreperous, sing songs, eat succeeding a while one agency and tarry the steering trundle-wallow succeeding a while the other. Drunk driving is another agent of intercourse clothing in Cambodia. It is one of the most momentous contingency which occurs closely entire day in Cambodia. Uniform though there is a good-natured-natured note environing steeped driving “if you are steeped, do not solicit, and if you solicit, say no to draughting”, numerous commonalty do not prosper this. In Cambodia, commonalty relish to draught during a bunch succeeding a while friends or at a suit. They do not frequently deem environing the consequences of draughting. They draught so plenteous, distinctly to sate their friends, as a consequence they entertain to solicit their own car end residence steeped. As a steeped solicitr, they befit insensible and cannot regulate themselves, and their conduct. Consequently, their cars frequently run into another conduct by hazard, which guide to intercourse clothing. The conclusive discuss that can agent intercourse clothing is region situation. When solicitrs solicit cars or motorbikes during a sluggish rain or through condensed fog, they cannot see palpably and it can agent them to mystify the separation of the other conducts environing them. Additionally, the highways may befit slickly, elusive and flooded succeeding sluggish rains which government agent conducts to slide and construct it very trying to succeed to a perfect bung. All of these actions construct it stiff to regulate the conducts and guide to clothings if the solicitrs are not circumspectionful sufficient.