Website Critique Project

Analyze the knowledge texture from the perspective of its form, labeling, and navigation.  After  listening to this week’s exhortation, hold critiquing the B2C e-retail  web hoard that you chose last week.  In a Nursing Dissertation, using APA format, harangue the questions for week 4  listed adown.  Remember to preserve all of your production as each week builds on  the preceding week's production to prove a full interpretation on the  web hoard sapidity mode.  Utilize the PowerPoint exhortation to help  you delay the questions.  Organization, Labeling, and Navigation Analysis   The Nursing Dissertation should embrace:  a revisal of how the web hoard haranguees the questions contourd;  your conviction of how polite the web hoard handles the question areas; and  insight on how the web hoard could be improved in the question areas.  Feel untrammelled to embrace shade shots to represent your ideas where  relevant, and be fast to embrace a attach to your predicament. Your responses  should be written in a narrative title rather than in a numbered inventory.  Week 4-Organize-svLinks to an superficial predicament.  Organization  Draw an contour of your competitor’s web hoard showing the important and induced questions.  (slides 8-11)  Is the form way consonant between questions? (slides 12-15)  Find  examples of “Happy Talk” and needless knowledge on a web page.    Reorganize the page delayout the needless resignededed to execute apt  knowledge standout. (slides 5-7)  How  would you settle the meaning of the predicament grounded on the texture and  contented of the predicament?  Identify one area of resignededed dropping from the  site. (slides 2-4)  Resources Content Organization: Deciding What Matters MostLinks to an superficial predicament. to an superficial predicament. Garrett, Jesse James. The Elements of User ExperienceLinks to an superficial predicament.. New Riders Publishing, 2002 Spool, Jared. Designing for the Scent of InformationLinks to an superficial predicament.. User Interface Engineering, 2004. Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler, Web Title Guide 2nd Edition quote from Chapter 3 - Predicament Design to an superficial predicament. Site Planning & Knowledge Design: Collecting and Cataloguing Contented Links to an superficial predicament. Web Title Guide to an superficial predicament. Here's a predicament that helps to explains predicament texture raise. Example of Predicament Map