Workplace Relations, Value Creation, and the Future

  Answer the inquirys beneath. Use inquiry and vindication (Q&A) format for your response; in other control, apprehend the former inquiry concurrently after a while your vindication in the confutation. Within your vindication living your responses after a while notice from at smallest two creditable sources (library and/or web-based) and yield the liberal extract at the end. Use APA format for your references. Apprehend your own single experiences, if available. 1 ) Do you imagine the exponential exexchange that futurist Leonhard talks encircling obtain siege settle? Why or why not? 2) What exchanges do you see onwards in employee vote? Obtain there be an HRM part as we now distinguish it? How might 3) HRM educe rate in the cosmos-people as futurists illustrate? 4) As an identical and/or as an employee, obtain you be expert?   View the Did You Distinguish video as courteous as the video beneath: Leonhard, G. (2016). Digital Transformation: Are You Expert for Exponential Change? Retrieved from Standard YouTube allow.  To acceleration vindication the inquirys.