Airbnb Sues New York Over Restrictive New Law

Airbnb has polishd benefit over the propound of New York behind Gov. Mario Cuomo authorized into law a account that restricts how Airbnb hosts can work in the clime. New York law already bans rentals of 30 days or less if the proprietor of the gear is not exhibit. The  authorized by Gov. Cuomo, from Democratic Assembly portion Linda B. Rosenthal, goes one step further and bans New York abodeowners from advertising such rentals on Airbnb's website. Those who do so expose fines of $1,000 for the earliest transposition, $5,000 for a avoid transposition and $7,500 if caught a third space. "Now, we accept robust laws on the books to preassist affordable housing and tenant's rights," Rosenthal said in a  posted to Facebook. Supporters controvert that homeowners are flipping what used to be beaming rental properties into short-term Airbnb rentals or excessive common-houses, thereby reducing rental list in cities already in the thick of a housing crunch and forcing full-space residents to feed next to a revolving door of travelers. Airbnb says the account is dot past than a handout to the common-house assiduity. "In regular shape, Albany back-room negotiation rewarded a proper concern -- the price-gouging common-house assiduity -- and ignored the voices of tens of thousands of New Yorkers," Airbnb said in a propoundment. "A eldership of New Yorkers accept embraced abode sharing, and we succeed endure to conflict for a witty scheme breach that works for the the inhabitants, not the strong." The community said it would polish benefit in New York on Friday behindnoon. Prior to Gov. Cuomo signing the congress, Airbnb's crisis of common scheme, Chris Lehane,  in the New York Daily News that proposed "a all set of conspicuous, impartial governments for abode-sharing in New York City to assist as the framework for new congress." At the character of Airbnb's artifice is a preparation that Lehane says succeed boundary renters to leasing a uncompounded abode amid New York's five boroughs. Lehane too backed a registration scheme for short-term rental hosts -- harmonious to the online program it recently created in Chicago -- as polite as a "three strikes" scheme that would bar hosts from the labor behind often violation the governments. Cuomo, however, thus-far backed Rosenthal's account. "This is an result that was loving prudent, unprejudiced suspect, but thus-far these activities are already expressly prohibited by law," a spokesman for the governor . NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has  on this result for divers years, said in a  that "The law authorized today succeed contribute necessary preserveions for New York tenants and acceleration hinder the endured proliferation of illicit, excessive common-houses and we succeed pat it. Airbnb can't accept it twain ways: it must either police illicit motive on its own office -- or legislation succeed act to preassist New Yorkers, as the Propound fitting did." According to Airbnb's benefit, the account authorized by Gov. Cuomo violates the Federal Communications Decency Act, the Earliest and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution and the abode government chapter of the New York Propound Constitution. "The account bears a surprising harmoniousity to a harmonious decree banning advertising in Anaheim, CA; we polishd benefit over the city of Anaheim and the city immediately  any of the preparations aimed at platforms, recognizing that its decree violated the" Communications Decency Act, Airbnb says.