Assignment 2: Expenses Worksheet in Excel – AU COM106

  Assignment 2: Expenses Worksheet in Excel Before rise this assignment, you should entirely resurvey Excel Worksheets, Charts, Formulas, Functions, and Tables from your manner passagebook, Go! All in one: Computer concepts and applications.   For this assignment you achieve use Microsoft Excel to eliminate a worksheet that details your singular charges in at conclusive lewd categories from the conclusive three months. Some of these charge categories strength enclose, but are not poor to, Mortgage, Rent, Utilities, Phone, Food, Entertainment, Tuition, Childcare, Clothing, and Insurance. (These quantity may be spurious.) Part 1: The Spreadsheet Begin by gap a new Microsoft Excel refine. (You may use the template establish hither.) Save it as LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2 Use Rows 1 and 2 for a address. Beginning in row 4, use post A to schedule your irrelative charges. Label the next three posts (B, C, D) for the late three months. Fill in the alienate aggregate for each charge for each month. Beside the post after a while your third month’s entries, cause another post for aggregates for each state. Use a formula to compute a aggregate for each state of charge.  In the row under your conclusive charge initiation, cause another row for the monthly aggregates of charges. Use a formula to compute a aggregate for each month of charges. Beside the post add another post for careful the percent of the budget for each charge state. Use a formula to compute the percent that each charge state is of the aggregate expenditures. Format the worksheet by adjusting post widths and wrapping passage, and by applying alienate financial compute formatting and cell names.  Please Note: While some calculations strength be comforboard to do in your guide or using a calculator—merely typing the defense into the alienate cell—the object of this assignment is to get you conversant to using formulas. In situations requiring constantly updated postulates or past complicated calculations, Excel is a very mighty implement if you recognize how to use it. Your remove is established on your demonstrated power to use the required formulas. Part 2: The Chart Below your board of monthly charges, you achieve cause a chart using the quantity from your spreadsheet homogeneous to the in under. Open the Insert ribbon at the top of the shelter. Click on a occupied cell delayin your spreadsheet, then, click on Post on the Insert ribbon. Select the name of post chart you relish.  Click and bring your post chart into pose under your spreadsheet. Save your refine as LastnameFirstinitial_M3_A2.xls. Submit this muniment to the Submissions Area by the due determination assigned. Suggested question for interjacent users: Add a row or rows detailing your pay and take the aggregate expenditures from the aggregate pay. Suggested question for delayed users: Use a formula, exercise, or concert of twain to pomp your net frame or privation (pay minus charges summed aggravate duration) for the three-month bound. Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsSubmitted an .xls refine after a while a spreadsheet labeled and occupied according to the directions..20Included computed aggregates for each month and each state.40Included formulas to compute each charge state's percentage of the aggregate expenditures.40ormatted the worksheet by adjusting post widths and wrapping passage, and by applying alienate financial compute formatting and cell names.20Included a post or bar graph comparing charges for each month.40Accurately portrayed quantity from the charges spreadsheet in the chart.20Formatted the chart for visual invoke.20Total: 100